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Personal Protection Dogs

Personal Protection Dogs

Personal protection dogs are a great asset to any family. They are willing to guard the home and protect their masters devotedly. There are many precautions to consider before purchasing and training a dog to be a defensive guard dog. These tips will come in handy for anyone who is thinking about having a protective dog for their lifestyle.


This is the number one thing to realize when having a personal protection dog. Each breed of dog is unique and will have certain qualities that make them good mellowed-out family dogs or great guard dogs. Most smaller breeds are not a good choice for this duty, while larger breeds such as the Belgian Malinois and German shepherd are perfect. These breeds are also quite friendly when out in public but they will spring into defense mode if they like a stranger is harassing their owner.

Consider the Prices Personal Protection Dogs

Many breeders will elevate the price of their personal protection dogs solely due to the fact that they know people are willing to spend big bucks. Avoiding certain breeders is helpful since it is possible to train any dog that already has the guarding instinct within them. For a much lower price with the same value, purchasing a dog at a local animal shelter or pound is beneficial. Most of these dogs need caring homes and cost a fraction of the price most breeders want people to shell out. If you’re looking for a certain breed of dog that is known for protection such as a pit bull or German shepherd, many animal shelters get these dogs from the streets or uncaring owners.

Train Them Effectively Personal Protection Dogs

Personal protection dogs are for defense, not offense. Many guard dog owners opt to let a professional dog trainer train their new pooch. If the dog shows signs of aggression while out in public, it will need to be socialized in a calming atmosphere. Dogs that show the new need for chasing are perfect as protection dogs because they are obedient. Avoid purchasing or adopting a herder dog, since they have an incredible instinct to chase. German Shepards dogs are excellent dogs to train for protection. They are highly intelligent and know how to cut off their aggression when need be. They also already have the basic instinct of protecting their owners instilled in them.

Having a personal guard dog will make your home feel safe and secure daily. It’s best to seek professional help when choosing the right dog for this big job since there are various techniques that must be learned in order for them to perfect their defense instinct.

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