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Pendants: How to Store Them at Home?

For centuries, jewelry has been an integral part of the culture. The attachment to the jewelry is indescribable. pendants are the most eye-catching because they are the epitome of delicacy and are very close to a woman’s heart. No woman has ever been completely content with her collection. As a result, they never pass up an opportunity to add to their collection. Every chain pendant purchased or received has sentimental value attached to it, whether it is a piece worn every day or one purchased for a distant special occasion. Whether you have a few assorted pieces or a full-fledged collection, storing your prized possession should be a priority because it ensures less damage and a longer lifespan.

We’ve created major ways for you to store your gemstone pendants wholesale to save you the daily hassle of detangling and sorting your pendant, giving you a few extra minutes to get ready every day. Continue reading to discover a few brilliant ideas for properly storing your pendants at home.


Drawers are probably the most practical and widely used method of storing jewelry. Find an unused drawer in your room or closet and dedicate it solely to your jewelry. Here are a few ideas for using drawers to store jewelry.

Organizer for Bowl Collections

The easiest of these to set up is a bowl collection organizer. Keep various bowls in the drawer, assorted by a pendant, as the name suggests. This is inexpensive and simple to implement.

Tray with Velvet Compartments

Getting a velvet compartment tray for jewelry, similar to the ones we see in jewelry stores, is a step up from a bowl organizer. This is more sophisticated and presentable.

Jewellery Trays Made of Plastic

Transparent plastic or acrylic trays are another options. These are less durable than velvet trays, but they match the delicacy of pendants, so they may be the best option.

Dressing Tables or Other Surfaces

Those who like to keep their pendant close at hand and have a vanity or dressing area should keep their pendants on the countertop. Here are a few options for you to consider.

Jewelry Stacker Box

A stacker is the most common method of storing pendants on surfaces. It’s similar to the one we get when we buy neckpieces in stores, but it has more compartments, making it ideal for storing and displaying pendants.

Traditional Three-Tier Jewelry Storage

For centuries, vintage and charming, worn-out jewelry storage have been used. It has dishes attached to a stick that resembles a candle holder, and the dishes can rotate, allowing every pendant for girls to be easily accessible.

Jewelry Display

pendants look best when stored and displayed on a jewelry stand or holder. Pendant chains should be hung in the holder to make them easier to mount and remove. There are many different styles to choose from, but the current trend is to buy a tree-shaped holder that appears to be a showpiece. Just make sure it’s tall enough so the chains don’t touch the table’s surface.

Armoire Doors or Walls

Chain pendants are traditionally stored in armoires or behind wardrobe doors. The doors are equipped with hooks or a small compartment for hanging or storing jewelry, preventing tangles and damage. Organizing jewelry on walls is a step ahead of the game. Here are a few uses for both of these.

Organizer for Racks

Install a wooden rack on your room’s wall, near your dressing table, or inside your wardrobe door. It’s a quick and easy way to keep chain pendants from knitting together.

Jewellery Frames Made of Metal or Wood

Purchase a stylish and elegant sterling silver jewelry frame to display your pendants. It appears to be stylish and vibrant. The pattern can also be matched to the interior of the room or used as a pop of color on a blank wall; either way, it is impressive.

Hanging Monogram

Monogram hangers look delicate and aesthetic while adding a personal touch to your jewelry storage. Carve your initials, name, or any other personal memory on a wooden board, leaving only the necessary hanging spots for your chains – a great way to personalize the design of the storage.

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