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Why add patios?

Porch Enclosures add additional outdoor entertaining or relaxing outdoor space to any home. Patios allow homeowners and their families, and their guests, the chance to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine or cool nights with family and friends.

Having patios and its benefits.

Patios are added outdoor spaces to a home that are either at its front, back, or at its sides. Patios Brisbane can either have a roof or are fully open but are generally not covered at their sides with walls. Patios are ideal for homes located in temperate climates which makes them a highly attractive home improvement project.

Why patios are considered a good investment and an ideal home improvement project?

  • Patios enhance and maximize a home’s outdoor spaces.
  • Well-blended patios add value to any home.
  • Patios allow homeowners to enjoy their outdoor views.
  • Patios have a multitude of uses, from entertaining guests to just an enjoyable afternoon sitting outside.
  • Patios. What to consider when planning.

While well-designed and blended patios can add value to any home and are ideal for any enjoyable outdoor activity there are still a few factors to consider before undertaking a patio home improvement project.

  • Is the planned location for the patio on level ground?- The existing level ground is the ideal location for having patios installed with a sloping gradient needing more careful consideration as adding or grading sloping soil and reworking a home’s existing outdoor landscape can add time and costs.
  • How will the patios be used? – Will the planned patios be used exclusively for entertaining? Will it be an extended play area for kids? Will it be an outdoor dining area or a barbecue area addition? Where and how many utility outlets will be installed? It is important for a homeowner planning to add patios to their home to carefully consider different patio designs before settling on one.
  • Who will take care of the required building permits? – Will the homeowner take care of all the required building permits or will their preferred contractor do it? Whenever adding anything to a home, a building permit or permits can be expected to be required depending on the location of the home, the size of the patio to be installed, the materials it is going to use, with the costs involved in adding patios to any home subject to local building requirements. Generally, it can be expected that any sizeable patios with a roof will require a building permit. Homeowners need to know and understand beforehand any potential building permits involved when planning to add patios to their homes.

The four important considerations to know before adding patios.

  • The location of the patios. – Homeowners should always consider the position of the sun at certain times of the day. Do they want the sun shining on a house’s front patio in the morning or at the back, or even at the sides? Will the patios catch the sun at its peak or will the patios be rather sitting in the shade at specific times?
  • The size of the patios. – The size of the planned patios is an important consideration. Will the size of the patio be able to accommodate all its planned outdoor furniture without the patio losing space for movement? Homeowners need to plan on the size and number of outdoor furniture when deciding to have patios installed at their homes. Homeowners should always consider if their planned outdoor furniture can be accommodated by the size of their patios.
  • How will the patios be accessed? – Access to patios is a crucial part of the planning process when considering having patios installed. Access to any patios will depend on how a homeowner plans to use their patios. If the patios are for any outdoor eating activity, it would make sense if the patio’s access is located near a home’s kitchen as it would make it more convenient to use the patios more often.
  • The blending of the patios into the overall aesthetic of a house. – It is important that any planned patios not detract from the overall design aesthetic of a home. It should not dominate the outside views of a home and must be of a design that makes it look like a blended outdoor part of a home. The patio’s colors and design should always match the design of a home. For homeowners unsure about the design of their planned patios, a professional patio builder will be able to provide the best advice in choosing the right patio design that perfectly matches the home and its neighborhood.

How to style patios.

Whether the planned patios are just for a small corner of a home or as an expansive entertaining or relaxation area, homeowners need to know how to style their patios to perfectly match the outdoor ambiance of their home with the three most common reasons for having patios installed, namely: 

  • For outdoor relaxation.
  • For outdoor meals.
  • For outdoor entertaining.

Patios for outdoor relaxation.

Homeowners wanting their patios as a place for relaxation should choose a patio layout that creates a cozy outdoor space with durable but soft outdoor furnishing that at the same time is inviting, relaxing, and practical. There should be enough shade for long reading and chatting sessions on hot days. With cozy outdoor accessories that create a homey atmosphere like throw pillows, hanging plants, and soft lighting for nighttime outdoor patio relaxation.

Patios for outdoor meals.

Patios planned for regular outdoor meals should be of the size to be able to accommodate tables and chairs large enough for parties and cooking furnishings without creating a confined space for proper movement. Patios for outdoor meals should be large enough to accommodate small intimate parties for family or friends as well as for large family gatherings.

Patios for outdoor entertaining.

Patios for outdoor entertaining should have enough space for hosts to move around and entertain their guests. Patios for outdoor entertaining should enough space for a dining area, a cozy conversation nook, a food and drinks preparation area, and even a bar. It should also have enough space for a place where kids can enjoy themselves during family reunions.

Homeowners should plan, talk to knowledgeable people, and visualize their planned patios so that it is just as they like them to maximize their enjoyment of the dream outdoor spaces of their homes.

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