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Parking Lot Management is Easier with Automated License Plate Recognition

Companies with thousands of workers understand the challenges these workers often face when it comes to finding parking spots for their cars. Supply and demand come into play in situations such as this. If there is no public transit nearby, the workers have no choice but to drive. What can a company do to ease these parking lot management pains?

Possible Solutions

A company could recommend workers park on the street, if possible, or in a private lot. However, there may not be spaces available in those locations either. They have to find more creative solutions. One option would be to incentivize carpooling.

Parking Lot Management

Collecting Data

Before offering incentives, a company needs to ensure this is a viable solution. It will need to learn how many spots are available for workers to park on the street in the area surrounding the company’s building. With this information, they can then work with the proper authorities to reserve these spots for employees. The authorities will include parking enforcement, the local police department, government officials, and more.

Safeguarding the Spots

In addition, the company must come up with a way to identify vehicles permitted to park in these spots. Often, companies will use a sticker the vehicle owner clearly displays in a window. This sticker shows the vehicle is part of the carpool network. However, a company can choose from other methods to ensure these parking spots are used by those they are intended for.

Automatic License Plate Recognition

Another option involves using automatic license plate recognition to identify vehicles that are part of the carpool network. With this solution, parking enforcement and other authorities can easily locate cars registered in the network. If a vehicle is not registered and is parked in one of the reserved spots, law or parking enforcement may take action.

Workers must register their vehicle plate numbers with the company. The automatic license plate recognition system then cross-references license plates against the registration list. If the system finds a non-registered vehicle has parked in one of the reserved spots, it notifies the proper authorities. In addition, this same technology can be used in the company’s parking lot to ensure only registered vehicles park in the lot.

The Benefits

Workers love the carpool option. They know they will find parking when they arrive at work. Authorities also love this solution, as they can take what is learned and apply it in other areas of a city or town. Companies can make the carpool solution work even during COVID.

The number of passengers in each vehicle can be restricted to meet current public health guidelines. In addition, requirements such as face masks may be imposed. This ensures the carpool solution works at all times regardless of what is going on in the world.

Consider using automatic license plate recognition technology to ease parking concerns. In addition to doing so, the system multiplies the impact of parking enforcement activities. With the help of this technology, a company improves in efficiency while increasing compliance. Learn more today about the benefits of this technology and how it can ease common pain points in an organization.

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