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Paisley Pattern Scarf

It designates large stoles, pashmina shawl, scarves and scarves for women and men. And is a traditional fashion accessory from India and Nepal. A genuine 100% plain pashmina is traditionally made of cashmere wool produced by the Capra. Hircus pashmina goat from the Himalayan highlands in India. 

The quality of which varies according to the altitude of goat breeding. The higher the altitude, the more the goat will produce fine wool to protect itself from the cold. 

The pashminas  wool scarf   embroidered with Indian craftsmanship  with paisley patterns is a fashion accessory for men and women.  A luxury item with a unique charm,  pashminas with traditional cashmere patterns are colored. With embroidery known as the paisley pattern of cashmere.

It was invented in this region of the world, it is the traditional style. Nowadays there are many colors of cashmere pashmina. Enough to match with all your wardrobe. Fashion darlings, embroidered cashmere pashminas, patterned from India or Nepal. Are the finest in the sense that it requires unique craftsmanship and additional craftsmanship. Sometimes mixed with silk for even more softness, they stand out with their shimmer and their original patterns. 

Cashmere Pattern Scarf

There are a thousand and one ways to wear your embroidered stole or an Indian paisley pattern scarf Tenderly wrapped. Delicately placed on your shoulders or even tied in paisley pattern scarves for men for more warmth and softness.

Compose a thousand and one chic and fashionable outfits thanks to your embroidered or printed stole. For both men and women, all you have to do is choose between embroidery. Plain or patterns, it’s all a matter of taste. 

It is assured that the paisley pattern scarf is the most elegant for a dandy style. Avery chic, classy and elegant gentleman and that such a fashion. Accessory is timeless and timeless. To associate with a suit, with a jacket, a jacket or even on a coat, it is the softest. Warmest, most charming winter fashion accessory for men, also to discover, the scarf plaid tartan plaid, other print, ultra fashion pattern.

Women’s Paisley Pattern Scarf

A woolen scarf will immediately bring a note of color and rare elegance to your wardrobe. For big and small occasions alike. Pashm-ina is a word which comes from Persian and means fabric or woolen material. It defines the shawl or the stole in itself. Whether wool, silk, cotton or delicately blended. 

Its name and origin come from Kashmir, Inner Mongolia, India or Nepal. The Indian paisley is one of the most beautiful in the world. It exists in different qualities and prices, it is characterized by its size , hence its name pashmina. 

Paisley wool shawl

. The so-called cashmere paisley pattern is the most famous pattern. While the embroideries bring an additional charm to the scarves, especially in winter. Paisley scarf, ancient craftsmanship.Discover the incredible softness of these  Indian handmade woolen scarves  for women .

 Chic old vintage models and these stoles in the color you like the most. You will discover a rare sweetness and charm and you will quickly become inseparable. A pashmina also has the advantage of wearing a scarfin all seasons and on all occasions. 

What we are looking for above all with a shawl is to wrap ourselves in softness. All year round, light for summer, ultra-warm in winter. There is nothing better for feel good only by wearing your accessory around you.

Large Cashmere Embroidered Wool Silk Scarf

Whatever its material, color or size, you will choose it in mixed fibres, kashmir patterns, geometric or classic patterns. It is the essential and timeless fashion accessory for men and women. The embroidered pashminaor Indian handmade with Paisley patterns, timeless, chic and fashionable. 

This type of pattern is a typical floral motif with arabesques which are a poetic evocation of nature and birds. Fashion darlings with very original teardrop shapes and allegory of nature, like an ode to life are the most beautiful. In the sense that it requires unique additional work and know-how. 

Sometimes mixed with silk for even more softness. They stand out for their shimmer and their original patterns and their artisanal style. For large maxi format scarves, opt for an oversized woolen scarf . To  know everything about pashminas

Pashmina How To Wear It?

There are many ways to wear your shawl and it will depend on your gender. Your style and the occasion for which you will wear it. For example, if you are a woman, use it as a wedding shawl, you can put it on your shoulders. Like a drape without tying it. 

On the other hand, if you are a man and wear it to keep warm with a suit. You can tie it around your neck inside your coat. And if you are looking for more ideas and inspiration to put it on. We have written an article on all the ways to wear it.

Where To Buy Pashmina Shawl?

Are you looking to buy for yourself, or to offer a pashmina as a gift? It’s a great idea because it is suitable for both men and women. Can be worn in any season, and for all occasions. So for that only one shop, trust the Pashmina&Cashmire brand.

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