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Overcoming Disability Barriers With NDIS

Living with an impairment causes physical challenges and multiple setbacks, such as mental distress and social inactivity. Whether an individual has a temporary or permanent vulnerability, daily living activities and tasks become hard to achieve, and several barriers are developed.

During this hardship, support with daily life chores and for other needs is no less than a blessing. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) assists people with vulnerabilities and allows them to live independent and happy lives.

What Is NDIS?

NDIS is a support program for vulnerable people initiated by the Australian government in 2013. It works by providing funds to its participants so they can access different services included in their NDIS plan according to their requirements.

Several service providers are working under NDIS in different areas of Australia to reach out to as many people as possible.

Complete Connect offers disability services in Sydney to help its participants live better lives without hardships.

Barriers Faced By People With Vulnerabilities

Disabilities often put people into positions where they feel challenged to function, and sometimes it becomes impossible. Below are some possible barriers a vulnerable individual might face.

●      Physical Barriers

Physical barriers refer to the structural obstacles one may face due to mobility issues. These may include difficulty performing household tasks, taking stairs, lifts, escalators, parking, restrooms, stepping onto weighing scales for medical checkups, travelling in public transportation, etc.

●      Behavioural Barriers

The stigma that is attached to vulnerable people is unignorable. Some people have assumed notions about people with disabilities, believing they have a low quality of life, are unwell due to their impairments, or cannot perform up to the mark because of their conditions. Discrimination is a societal attitude that may result from how people perceive disabilities.

●      Social Barriers

Social barriers to disability refer to the environment a person lives in. People who suffer from impairments are more likely to face employment, education, and socialising struggles. These obstacles can harm an individual’s overall well-being.

How NDIS Help Its Participants Overcome Barriers

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides a diverse range of services that fit the needs of every participant. Tailored programs are also included in NDIS care plans to get the best for you and your loved ones.

Support services for people with vulnerabilities fall into fifteen (15) categories and are funded under three (3) types of budgets. Participants can overcome barriers associated with their impairments by incorporating these support services in their NDIS plan.

●      Core Support

This support allows a participant to access the following:

Assistance with daily living: it includes personal activities such as showering, household maintenance, meal preparations, and assistance with supported independent living.

Transportation: if a participant cannot use public transportation, NDIS allows access to vehicles specially designed to facilitate specific medical impairments and provides easy travel to education and employment locations.

Consumables: these include assistive items to support daily chores. Examples are specialised clothing, toiletry equipment, and continence needs.

Community participation: NDIS understands the need for social activities to cope with mental distress that comes with vulnerabilities. Therefore, a participant can engage in programs fostering physical and mental activities to prevent social isolation.

●      Allied Health Services

Allied health comprises different therapies for various conditions. The services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physiological and social support. The assistance allied health provides to participants dealing with physical, mental, or chronic conditions is crucial for enhancing their overall quality of life. People with impairments or long-term diseases can easily combat the barriers they face and become more independent in their daily lives.

●      Community Healthcare Nursing

The community nursing support service from NDIS caters to its participants by promoting healthcare, preventing diseases, assisting individuals in independent living, and helping them with innovative community participation to reduce mental strain by increasing chances to live a happier and more comfortable life.

NDIS ensures to assist its participants with proper support coordination and medical aid through highly trained professionals dedicated to making you feel safe, empowered, and important in society.

Reach Out To Disability Services In Sydney

Complete Connect is an NDIS service provider helping hundreds of people across Australia live a quality life. It allows you to accomplish wellness, achieve goals, and perform better in life in general. Contact today, unlock various support services, and overcome the barriers effectively with Complete Connect.

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