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Ostrich facts The world’s largest bird

Sexual habits

Ostriches that are males are known as cocks , or roosters. females are referred to as hens. Ostriches in a group are knOstriches are big, unflightless birds with large legs and a lengthy neck that is protruding from the body’s round shape. Males sport bold black and white coloration that they employ to draw females. Females are, however are lighter brown.Ostriches are more powerful than other bird on the planet. They can reach nine feet (2.7 metres) tall and be 350 pounds (145 kilograms) as per the Africa Wildlife Foundation(opens in a new tab), and an eye of an ostrich is approximately 2 inches (5 centimeters) in diameter. That’s the biggest that any animal on land. Ostriches are the only bird to have two toes on each of its feet. The other species have four or three toes, as per the American Ostrich Association.

Where do ostriches live

Wild ostriches reside in the hot, dry woodlands and savannas in Africa. They used to roam across Asia, Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, but because they’ve been hunted frequently, the wild ostrich’s habitat has been restricted to sub-Saharan Africa as per the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology(opens in a new tab). But ostriches can still be kept in captivity throughout the globe.

What are the diets of ostriches

Ostriches are omnivores. That means that they consume both vegetation as well as meat. While they are a plant-based species,particularly seeds, roots and leaves, they also eat locusts rodents, snakes, and lizards in the words of The San Diego Zoo(opens in a new section). They also eat sand as well as pebbles to help grind their food into their gizzards, which are small pouch in which food is crushed and then shredded before it is absorbed into the stomach.

Ostrich eggs & baby ostriches

Ostrich eggs measure six inches (15 cm) in size and weigh as much as three pounds (1.3 kg). Eggs hatch in a common nest, also known as dump nest that can contain up to 60 eggs at a time. Males, and females, rest upon the eggs till they are hatched. This could take between 42 and 46 days.

Ostrich offspring are bigger than other baby birds. When they are born, the chicks could grow as large as chickens. Females and males have the same responsibility for taking care of the chicks as per the San Diego Zoo. In the event of an attack the male will try to distract the predator from the chicks as they hide along with the female.At at least six months of age, a chick will be close to reaching its maximum height and at around three or four years old, it will attain maturity. The lifespan of an ostrich is 50-75 years

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Other information

It’s quite amazing to think that the ostrich’s legs are able to keep their massive bodies straight. The legs of ostriches are set so that their center of gravity is balanced on top of the legs.Their slim legs provide them with excellent speed and agility as well. They can speed up to 40 miles per hour (64.3 kilometers/hour) for extended times as per the American Ostrich Association.

Contrary to popular belief Ostriches do not bury their heads in sand, however they lay down with their heads on the ground when they are feeling threatened. It’s only apparent that the ostrich has dug a hole in its head due to the fact that its neck and head blend into the colour of the sand.Ostriches fight using their feet. They are known to kick forward, due to the direction their legs bend as per the American Ostrich Association. A strong kick could cause the death of the leopard.trich feathers appear shaggy due to the fact that they are loose and don’t connect as feathers on other kind

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