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Options For Enjoying NightLife In Dubai

One of the favorite tourist destinations of the world is Dubai. As an additional benefit, Dubai is one of the nearest and one of the most beautiful vacation places for Indians. Dubai does not make Indians feel the awkwardness of being in a foreign land. It is a place where one can people from many nationalities who either are working there or enjoying their vacation.

Dubai is a desert land that is developed beautifully with modern architecture leading to having skyscrapers, artificial beaches, an aquarium, and many more such features. Not only Dubai has developed in architecture but there are many souks also, out of these souks one of the famous and largest ones is a gold souk.

Another feature of Dubai is its variety of shopping hubs and night club Dubai where one can enjoy as much shopping and clubbing as one want. While talking about Dubai’s famous features one can never forget the Desert safari, a beautiful ride in the mountains of desert that will not only give the fun but also the thrill. While talking about thrill Dubai is one of the most famous places for adventure sports also.

While vacationing in Dubai, due to hot weather one can only visit the places after sunset. Dubai weekend starts from Thursday and Friday and Saturday are considered as weekends. Let us get to know what are the options for enjoying the nightlife in Dubai.

  • Laser Show– Burj khalifa is the tallest building in the world. Burj khalifa has a lake with fountains that can shoot water up to 500 ft. In the evening a water laser show is held on this lake. This is a beautifully choreographed laser light show that one can enjoy.
  • Sky Views– Sky observatory, sky glass slide and sky edge walk allows one to experience the beautiful sky views after sunset. One can either slide from the 53rd floor in a transparent air-suspended glass tube or walk hands-free on the edge of the periphery of this building, and the experience of fireworks at Burj Khalifa is worth experiencing than writing.
  • Shopping- When in Dubai, how can anyone forget to do some shopping? For Shopping, Dubai offers one of the biggest malls in the world, but not only do you have the option of shopping from this mall there are various local hubs and markets where one can go for shopping at their convenience.
  • Aquarium- In the vicinity of Dubai Mall there is an aquarium also, which showcases the beautiful aquatic life. It is the largest aquarium that is suspended and has a huge variety of sea creatures that are the habitat of different ecosystems. There is a view of the Aquarium in the center of the mall that attracts the kids and parents to the beauty of aquatic life and provides the force required to move towards the ticket counter to buy a ticket for visiting the aquarium.
  • Desert safari- The Arabian desert is the nearest desert to Dubai downtown. One can book a desert safari from any of the tourist guides. These desert safaris include a package with activities like camel rides, sandboarding, and quad-biking. These safaris provide you with a ride in the sea of the desert with various thrills during driving. Most of the packages conclude their desert safari with a cultural program showcasing the local dance like belly dance and various stunts by different artists and a variety of food.
  • Clubbing- Dubai clubs are one of the most famous clubbing destinations in the world. There are many famous nightclubs where one can enjoy a fabulous evening with lots of music and cuisine. There are a variety of options for enjoying the club, if one is looking for a beautiful nightlife venue that can take your breath then the stop is none other than Tashan, a club with a theme of sports and casino. Indians could also prefer Super20, a night club which provides an atmosphere of tranquility along with popular music or Tsunami. A cafe-based theme club that can make the people enjoy their food and drinks.
  • Cruising- If you are not looking for clubbing, might be cruising will attract you. Dubai provides a variety of cruise options; also this is one of the most luxurious kind of ways to explore the city.
  • Beaches- Dubai has one of the most beautiful beaches around the world, these are accessible throughout the year and one can enjoy beautiful sunsets from the seashore.
  • Skiing- It is said that Dubai is a desert, so skiing is. How could this be an option? As one can only ski in the snow, the answer to this query is a manmade ski run that is available in the Mall of Emirates. The mall provides a variety of activities that one can enjoy on the snow.
  • Adventure sports- if skywalk is not that much of thrilling sport and you are looking for more adventure sports then there is no other place than Dubai, here one can enjoy sky diving, or visit a waterpark for fun and adventure activities.
  • Theme Park- There are multiple options for theme parks in Dubai, one can visit motion gate park, which is established with inspiration from Hollywood movies it provides a vast variety of rides and other activities. Another famous amusement park of Dubai is Dubai Village which has  multiple display options from around the world.
  • Museum- If you like museums, then Dubai has the option of the Museum of Illusions for you. This museum is developed with a concept to trick the mind and senses of a person.

In conclusion, Dubai is the place, which provides with the most exciting nightlife options. Out of these options, as much as your budget allows you need to explore the places. However, the concern lies here that Dubai offers so much activities that one could miss to complete multiple activities, But the night clubof Dubai are open till wee hours of the morning and being one of the safest countries around the world the experience could never be experienced in any other place than these clubs. Not only these clubs could allow you to enjoy the beauty of night and its views, one can enjoy wonderful food and music in these.

Junaid Awan
Junaid Awan
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