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Only Up Map Code for Fortnite

Only Up! is now playable in Fortnite, and here’s how.

Fortnite’s Creative mode allows users limitless options for creating their own maps, particularly after the release of UEFN, also known as Creative 2.0. With the recent surge in popularity of Only Up!, the Fortnite community decided to replicate the game in Creative mode.

Because all Fortnite Creative maps are free to play, anybody who knows the game’s island code may access them. This tutorial will explain players how to get started with the Only Up Fortnite map as well as the premise behind it.

Only Up Creative Island

Only Up

Several island developers have begun to create their own versions of Only Up! in Fortnite, but one island in particular has captured the eye of the Fortnite fans.Army’s “Onlyup Fortnite!” island is now the most played Only Up! island, not only because it’s well-built, but also because its theme is Fortnite Chapter 1.

To access the Only Up Fortnite creative island, visit the in-game Discovery page, go to the Island Code tab, and enter the code 4366-9611-6988.

How to Play Only Up in Fortnite

Only Up

The Only Up Fortnite island is similar to the game itself in that players must achieve the maximum height possible without falling, and if they do, they must restart from the beginning.

Because this version of the game is solely about Fortnite Chapter 1, players will begin at the Dusty Depot warehouse and work their way up the island, encountering recognized structures and buildings from the next season. The primary goal is to complete the whole backstory behind the first Fortnite Chapter.

Players may race their friends to the top of the island in a private match; it’s a lot of fun, particularly with audio chat enabled.

Gamers can simply keep track of their stats since an altitude meter and a timer are constantly visible on the screen.

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