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Onebridge Best Hearing Aids to Buy in 2022

According to statistics, one in eight people (over 12 years) suffers from a type of hearing loss, especially seniors. 

In this technological era, hearing aids are like miniature computers. Most models these days are intelligent and customizable. However, only 30% of the affected people over 70 have actually tried medical devices. This is either because there are too many options, or they lack the know-how. 

Onebridge J707 Rechargeable Hearing Aids – $139.99 (on offer)

This hearing aid model has an intelligent four-channel and comes in a portable case. They are ideal for seniors because they offer mild to moderate sound amplification. 

These affordable rechargeable hearing aids are equipped with innovative tech that isolates sounds and blocks out distractions. In addition, you can select between basic and advanced modes, depending on how noisy the surrounding environment is. 

You only need to charge the devices for four hours. The battery life will serve you for eight to twelve hours. 

 Onebridge Pro+ Intelligent Hearing Aids – $799 (on offer)

The Onebridge pro+ intelligent hearing aids have customized noise cancellation, Bluetooth tech, and a personalized app. You can adjust the input on your app as your hearing changes, which makes it very user-friendly. 

The device has four channels: standard, noise reduction, outdoor, and self-defined modes. Audiologists have backed the automatic and straightforward controls. Thus, you can enjoy a clear sound in any environment. 

Onebridge UFO Pro Hearing Aids – $299 (on offer)

These hearing aids are easy to use. A short button press turns them on/off while a long press adjusts the mode. 

Onebridge also uses a noise-reduction chip that only amplifies natural sound and eliminates background noise. The design of the devices does not disappoint either! The L-shape hearing aids are inconspicuous in the ear and cause no pain. 

In addition, the UFO Pro hearing aids have digital ear-output control that protects your ears from sharp and sudden sounds like whistling. 

Onebridge WOLONG Digital Hearing Aids – $499 (on offer)

Onebridge WOLONG hearing aids have an external receiver that delivers the amplified sound to your ears without tubes. Hence, everything you hear is audible and distinct.

The charging case takes two hours to recharge and charge the hearing aids. When fully charged, the device can last up to 18 hours. Furthermore, the hearing aids have an ergonomic design, slimmer and unnoticeable. 

Onebridge UFO Basics Intelligent Hearing Aids – $139

Last but not least, there are UFO Basic Intelligent aids with noise reduction. This digital feature identifies human voices and diminishes other sounds. You can use them in quiet places or loud outdoors. This model is apt for people with moderate hearing loss.

The UFO basic hearing aids only take two hours to charge, but you can use them for 50 hours! Also, the portable case can charge the devices up to five times. So, you can amplify your hearing for long trips – even a week!

Looking for a Hearing Aid?

Onebridge offers many hearing aids: rechargeable, Bluetooth, RIC, hearing amplifiers – the list is endless. And all of them are FDA-approved.

Whatever device you settle for, you can be assured of quality. So visit the website today and take advantage of the fantastic offers – you will undoubtedly get your money’s worth!

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