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When it comes to battle royale games, Omega Legends is one of the newer ones this year. It’s like a sci-fi shooter, but with 99 other players, and it’s set in the future. Your job is to finish the game as the victor. There are a variety of useful tools and weapons strewn over the battlefield. You can also form a team with your pals and compete against them in the hopes of winning. However, the game’s heroes stand out above all else. The heroes of this futuristic shooter all look different and have different skills.

The DPS Legends To Destroy Enemies in Omega Legends

Shooting and fighting action games alike all have one thing in common: the DPS class is always the most played. Being able to inflict huge harm on foes in a variety of situations is thrilling. Some of them can even cause havoc on the field of combat, giving the enemy the slip. The three different DPS classes in Omega Legends allow for a wide variety of play styles.

Haxx is our initial target. He can go invisible and take hits in order to stay alive. He is a legendary hero for gamers that thrive in the heat of battle. Tossing off foes is as simple as soaking their attacks. Haxx can recover from being struck down thanks to a passive ability he possesses. Null Presence is an active skill that grants him temporary invulnerability, at the cost of rendering him defenseless. Last but not least, Haxx can utilize Phase Shift to go back in time and get a health bath refill.

Omega Legends PC

Specter is a second lethal assassin in the game. He is able to blend in with his surroundings and sneak up on his opponents. He’s great for players who like to take a stealthy, lethal approach. Specter can become invisible if he doesn’t move, according to a passive ability of his. When he uses his Phantom Rush ability, he can teleport and become invulnerable to harm. Last but not least, his Optical Camo ability makes him invisible to adversaries while he’s on the move, making him a formidable foe from behind.

Windchaser is the final damage dealing class in this lineup. She’s a fast, nimble hero who can zip all around the battlefield. She’s great for sneaky, on-the-fly strategies. One of her abilities is a passive buff to movement speed whenever she takes damage. In a fight or flight scenario, she may use Lift-Off to launch herself into the air, and her Air Dash ability grants.

The Defensive Heroes To Protect Allies

Despite their reputation for high damage output, DPS classes are useless without supportive teammates. The defensive tanks are essential for this purpose. Two of Omega Legends’ most prominent heroes focus on defense. They are ideal for those that thrive on taking charge and inspiring their squad to victory.

Captain Jericho is at the top of the list. This bad boy is excellent at setting up shields to defend the rest of the team. He also carries an EMP bomb, which renders his foes deaf and helpless, making them easy pickings. Captain Jericho has a passive ability that allows him to use a small shield every time he fires an arrow. Energy Barrier, his active skill, can negate any harm done to him. Finally, his EMP Bomb disables enemy skills for the duration of the fight and nullifies all buffs.

Omega Legends Heroes

Ironfist is the next great tank hero. He is a specialist in obstacles as well, however he takes a more aggressive stance. Ironfist uses his weapons to great effect in battle. Players that live by the motto “the best offense is a great defense” will have a blast taking control of Ironfist.

He has a passive ability that causes him to reload whenever he kills an enemy. A Personnel Launcher is concealed in his sleeve. Jumping onto this pad gives your squad an edge, whether you’re trying to make up ground or gain ground. Finally, he and his team may take safety behind a Protective Wall.

The Sole Healer Everyone Worships

Victory in the game cannot be attained without their specialized healing and buffing abilities. There is only one Support legend in Omega Legends, and their only job is to keep the rest of the party alive.

Aurora is the only healer in the game. She has an arsenal of healing, defensive, and buffing abilities. Having her on board alone boosts the team’s chances of success. Her abilities include a passive that increases the rate at which she may use healing items and revive allies. She has a Safety Matrix that momentarily increases the squad’s defenses and speed. Healing Light is her ultimate and most potent ability. It allows her to send forth a healing beam that continuously restores the health of her entire team.

Now you know! The latest crop of gaming legends. Playing Omega Legends on PC is a great way to try out all of the classes and determine which ones you like best. Improve your PC gaming experience with our Snow Rider 3D client.

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