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Omaxe Karol Bagh Delhi

Omaxe Karol Bagh is a modern shopping mall in New Delhi that features great facilities and entertainment options for its customers. Its opening hours and entertainment offerings are exceptional. The mall has a strong advertising campaign and an ongoing momentum to improve the customer experience. Omaxe Karol Bagh Delhi will continue to build its commercial success with its growing customer base.

Multi-level car parking

Omaxe Karol Bagh is a new multi-level car parking complex located in the heart of Delhi’s retail and wholesale hub. It has been developed in a public-private partnership with the Northern DMC. The parking complex is an important part of the development of the city’s retail and wholesale market. Its multi-level parking provides ample space for cars and buses.

In the city, the demand for car parking is increasing exponentially. According to the Centre for Science and Environment, cars are parked more than 95 percent of the time in India and are driven only 5% of the time. As a result, car parks represent valuable land that can be monetized through good urban planning and architecture. In addition to generating more income, these car parks also improve the sustainability of urban development and have multiplier effects on the economy.

Omaxe Karol Bagh Delhi offers an array of retail shops, office spaces, food courts, and commercial spaces. This location is perfect for shoppers and businessmen, offering excellent connectivity and security. The multi-level car parking at Omaxe Karol Bagh is a convenient place for you to park your car and enjoy the scenic views and convenience that comes with it. It is also a prime location for shopping in Old Delhi.

Omaxe Karol Bagh Delhi is a new shopping destination that is expected to attract more than 100 new retail outlets and expand the shopping mix in the neighbourhood. The Omaxe Karol Bagh mall will have a mix of fashion and lifestyle shops, and will serve as a one-stop destination for families. The new shopping mall is ideally located near the Old Delhi Railway Station and the Red Fort. It is also well-connected by bus, metro, and monorail.


The Omaxe Karol Bagh in Delhi is a beautiful project, which features both residential and commercial spaces. This development is situated in the largest wholesale and retail zone in Asia. It is being built as a joint venture between the public and private sector. It features some of the best retail shops in the city, as well as a variety of food courts.

The Omaxe Karol Bagh is a well-planned and well-connected commercial hub located adjacent to the Chandni Chowk metro station. It is close to important locations such as the Old Delhi Railway Station and the Red Fort. The complex also has several heritage buildings within walking distance.

Omaxe Karol Bagh is an ideal commercial development for companies, as well as for individuals. The project features modern retail and office space in prime locations and features 24-hour security. The development is also equipped with modern amenities, including lifts and air-conditioned spaces. The project is estimated to attract seven times more footfall than any other mall in the country.

The Omaxe Karol Bagh Delhi shopping center will feature more than 100 new retailers. It will offer a mix of fashion and lifestyle offerings, making it a one-stop destination for the entire family. The Omaxe Karol Bagh mall is well-connected and surrounded by wide boulevards, making it easy for visitors to get from one point to another. It also features ample parking spaces and pedestrian paths to help visitors get around the mall.

The Omaxe Karol Bagh complex is located close to the nearby Karol Bagh Metro Station. The mall features excellent amenities like visitor parking spaces, fire suppression system, waste disposal, water storage, elevators, and 24-hour security. Its maintenance staff is cheerful and helpful and is available around the clock.

Modern security system

Omaxe Karol Bagh is a modern commercial development in the city of New Delhi. Spread over an acre of land, this complex offers a variety of retail and office spaces. It also features a food court. The complex also offers excellent connectivity throughout. Located near the Karol Bagh metro station, this complex offers good connectivity for business and residential use. The building features a modern security system, modern washrooms, and many amenities.

Omaxe Karol Bagh is a new shopping destination in the heart of Karol Bagh, which will draw more than 100 new retailers. The development will add to the variety of lifestyle and fashion shopping in the area. Upon completion, Omaxe Karol Bagh will be one of the most successful and world-class shopping centers in Delhi. It is situated in a prime location, close to Old Delhi Railway Station and the Red Fort. Moreover, it offers ample parking and pedestrian paths.

The Omaxe Group is one of the renowned developers in the real estate industry. The company offers a range of properties in prime locations in Delhi, including Karol Bagh. Its most prestigious projects have been developed near PC Jeweller, Bank Street, and Dev Nagar. With its outstanding delivery track record, the company has carved a niche in the luxury property segment. These projects have won the hearts of many people.

In addition to offering modern commercial properties, KW Blue Pearl is a premium freehold property in Karol Bagh. The complex is an elegant combination of retail and office space that is envisioned to become one of the best shopping districts in the city. The complex features an outdoor seating area, a refreshment zone, and other world-class amenities. In addition, the property features a modern security management system, ensuring a safe, hassle-free environment for retail businesses and office tenants.

Modern commercial facilities Omaxe offers in Karol Bagh include luxury retail spaces, modern office spaces, and high-end food courts. The development also features a parking space and 24-hour security. The Omaxe Karol Bagh complex is well-connected to the city, and its state-of-the-art amenities will ensure a memorable shopping experience for customers. The complex also has visitor parking spaces, fire suppression systems, and waste disposal facilities. It also has a friendly maintenance staff that ensures the security of residents and customers.

Massive seating capacity

The Omaxe Group is gearing up to launch its new commercial property in Karol Bagh, New Delhi. The commercial property will be a world-class destination for shopping and dining. Omaxe Karol Bagh will offer business, residential, and retail spaces. The development is expected to have 3.6 lakh square feet of space for retail and over a million square feet of space for food and beverage outlets.

Omaxe Karol Bagh is a commercial project that will be located in the heart of the city. It will offer the finest luxury facilities and features. Its prime location is just two minutes away from the Jhandewalan metro station. The project will be situated across the Jhandewalan Temple, and it is close to the shopping complex, Bank Street, and Ajmal Khan Market.

The Omaxe Karol Bagh project will feature a large air-condition lounge for customers. It will also feature a modern surveillance system and hi-tech fire safety measures. It will also include a loading and unloading bay for retailers. In addition, the location is easily accessible from the New Delhi railway station. It will also feature decongestion measures and a new traffic plan. It is also in walking distance of the Karol Bagh Hanumanji temple.

Omaxe Karol Bagh Delhi is part of a mega development in the heart of Delhi. It will have a 4.5-acre site with numerous retail, restaurant, and entertainment venues. This development will be a world-class destination, and will also be well connected to other areas of the city.

Omaxe Karol Bagh Delhi is situated on HC Sen Marg, a 100-foot wide road. It is near the Chandni Chowk metro station, Old Delhi Railway Station, and several heritage buildings. It is also close to the Red Fort and the Sis Ganj Gurudwara. All these attractions make the Omaxe Karol Bagh Delhi a perfect destination for travelers from around the world.

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