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Objectives of a Digital Marketing Agency.

What objectives does a digital marketing agency pursue?

Marketing is part of the daily life of companies in all kinds of sectors, especially in the digital environment. That is why many companies trust a digital marketing agency to carry out development strategies for any type of campaign. The objectives of a digital marketing agency are mainly advice and external support to companies , organizations or people in the planning, implementation and control of the different marketing activities, agreed and established with the client.

Fundamental pillars of the service of a digital marketing agency

The services of a digital marketing agency vary depending on what is intended to be achieved and according to what goals and objectives are set. The most common are usually:

  • An Internet positioning and communication plan : apply a strategy so that the client’s company is the first or one of the first to position itself in Internet search engines. 
  • Brand recognition: creating value for our brand so that the end customer turns to us as the first purchase option. 
  • The acquisition of new clients: drawing up new plans to reach many more potential consumers. 
  • The loyalty of customers who already have : continue to apply techniques so that buyers continue to turn to the company with which they work closely.
  • The increase in the number of sales or the expansion of the market share: have a broad knowledge of the sector, to achieve a unique value proposition. 
  • Optimization of the conversion funnel to facilitate business management: analyze user steps and increase sales success.
  • ROI improvement : one of the most important indicators that our marketing and sales actions are profitable.

In general, the objective is to grow the business and solve the demands of clients who seek to improve their results.

Build close relationships with our clients

In a digital marketing campaign, a good relationship between the client and the marketing agency is essential. It is important to understand and understand some key points to strengthen the relationship and that both parties understand each other perfectly.

For example: 

  • Define common and clear objectives: establish what the goals will be to be achieved by both parties. What do you want to do, why do you want to do it and where do you want to go?
  • Work in the medium-long term: understand that the results of a campaign can be successful from the outset, but that to achieve the maximum potential of an investment a medium-long period is needed and that the relationship between client and agency be durable over time. Always based on trust and mutual transparency. 
  • Have empathy and communication: understand and listen to the other and give up on some things in order to reach common goals. 
  • Knowing how to say “no” on time : knowing how to say “no” to a client on time can be a positive thing and save a lot of money. Agencies know the market and its trends well and can make accurate recommendations on how to focus the marketing strategy, and make the client understand that sometimes what they want may not be the best option for their objective. The important thing is the goal we want to reach and think about a flexible multi-channel journey adapted to the user.
  • Trust: that both trust in the good work of the other. It is a relationship between equals, in which both share objectives. 
  • Passion and creativity: they allow us to go beyond a simple briefing or campaign. With passion and creativity, we always seek the best way to obtain results and improve them. 

digital strategies

Due to the pandemic and this current post-pandemic era, many organizations or startups have needed to increase their presence in the digital environment. There are companies that were already fully digital, such as e-commerce, but others, on the other hand, have had to find new ways to reach customers, such as a physical store that has created a complementary online channel to make themselves known and generate sales. 

Digital marketing agencies are in charge of configuring these new routes with actions such as SEO positioning, content marketing, web page design and management, the development of apps for mobile phones or even social media campaigns in the different social media.

Monitoring and analysis of results

In digital marketing, it is important that agencies agree with the client on a series of goals and objectives that they intend to achieve , in this way a more accurate action plan will be established and the results can be analyzed afterwards. The network allows us to measure almost anything we want; the number of clicks, impressions, the minutes that content is consumed, etc. The KPIs (key performance indicators) or metrics are used to find out if a campaign has turned out to be as expected or, on the contrary, the results have not been reached. Goals and metrics complement each other, since metrics without goals cannot be understood. The volume of data on the Internet is so high that, without well-defined objectives, it is useless to obtain it.

Optimization of Google Ads campaigns and other channels

The optimization of Google Ads campaigns allows us to increase sales and also reduce the amount of investment needed to achieve them. Some of the techniques that allow us to save time and money are:

  • Google Ads automated bidding , 
  • create an advanced keyword strategy in Google Ads in the long term, 
  • customize messages with language settings 
  • or use search remarketing lists in Google Ads to revive your ad groups. 

Have a multidisciplinary team

Today’s agencies have multidisciplinary teams to adapt to the needs of the client and the market. Marketing professionals with scientific-technical profiles and who come from careers related to communication (advertising, journalism, audiovisual communication) are needed to build a team that is cellular and modular at the same time. In addition, with an international vision to adapt to campaigns that impact multiple markets.

In the same digital marketing agency we can find different profiles and areas such as: 

  • Inbound Marketing: with the mission of attracting customers with valuable, useful and relevant content in each of the stages of the buyer journey.
  • Google Ads and Social Ads : made up of experts in the management of advertising platforms and who manage to reach users where they spend their free time and achieve segmentation levels unthinkable just a few years ago.
  • Technology and Development: specialist in the development of automation software, technical integrations and development of ad hoc solutions for the main advertising platforms. 
  • Data Science : made up of doctors in mathematics and physics and computer engineers. 
  • Account: which guarantees fast service and fully adapted to the needs and dynamics of both the campaigns and the interlocutors. They are responsible for carrying out daily communication with customers and for centralizing all the internal actions of the marketing team.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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