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NOC Approved Housing Societies by CDA in 2022

The Real estate involves greater number of terms and qualities, that involves NOC (No Objection Certificate), which is approved by the RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority).
 Numerous housing venture in the neighborhood of the twin cities would attract you as one of the best real estate investments. The Land Regulatory Authorities based in Rawalpindi and Islamabad offer official gateways and the RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) has just recently issued a list about the RDA Approved Housing Societies for year 2022.  The housing venture mentioned below are available for investment and development years for upcoming decades. There are a variety of investment opportunity for any investor when it to RDA approved societies 2022. Mentioned below are some huge housing venture that have been officially ratified by the RDA officials.

Approved Housing Ventures

New City Paradise

New City Paradise is the recently ratified housing venture that is about to be available for investors based in Rawalpindi. Furthermore, this housing venture is believed to be the perfect site to support in making the long-term investment for profit in this highly accessible housing venture. Also, the developers behind this excellent venture are Chaudry Qamar Zaman, and Chaudhry Saad. Both of these gentlemen are famous among real estate specialists for decades, as they delivered some successful venture to the nation through their own marketing facilities. A lot of real estate specialists recognize their efforts to evolve their commercial outcome and generate huge leads.

The talented developers behind this venture have proven their success already with their previous venture known as New City Wah. So one can expect New City Paradise to be a wonderful inclusion of their development venture, which aims to completely change the residential lifestyle for the people of Rawalpindi.

Tab City Rawalpindi

TAB City Rawalpindi is the newest and world class residential venture that is currently under construction but will would also be available for all real estate investors to make it a sustainable living space for longer term. Furthermore, the developers of this venture consider it as an honor to make it a beneficial long living opportunity for all investors at a reasonable payment plan. It is a known fact, all new housing projects mostly offer reasonable payment plan. Furthermore, after the beginning of development work, the rates and value of the residential plots would significantly increase. But, most prominently, the inhabitants will have steady access to all chief and profitable features and merchandises that would make their investment profitable in longer term.

The developers behind such a lucrative and wonderful housing venture are TAB Builders. Furthermore, the main motive of the developers is to create an extraordinary lifestyle for the investors and inhabitant to provide huge comfort in the lives of their residents and investors, so that they could live a healthy and happy life in future. Furthermore, the team of developers behind this venture include Ahmed Bilal Malik, Retd. Col. Taimur Sultan Awan,  and Mr. Ali, who have joined hands to create something unique. All these three brilliant persons are working industriously to provide their residents, the finest and most extraordinary residential lifestyle as compared to the rest. Most highly, they are also offering diverse construction services, design and preconstruction amenities to their clients.

Blue World City

Blue World City Islamabad is the modern and elite under construction lodging society in the federal capital of Islamabad. It is a huge venture, which is being constructed by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and a famous Chinese engineering firm known as Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. The housing venture is quite adjacent to the Chakri Interchange & freshly under construction Rawalpindi Ring Road. Now, it can be considered as the leading affordable lodging projects within the twin cities with its prevalence among the real estate experts.


It would be in the better interest of the real estate investors of Rawalpindi to be sure that they are investing their capital in the legal housing venture. So, they must look into the updated list of the RDA authorities, and look for project with legal NOC. Right now Estate Land Marketing is providing guidance about legal housing ventures, and the legal ways to invest in them. The marketing and real estate representatives affiliated with this company would guide you personally about the investment process.

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