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Travellers looking to visit New Zealand must apply for the New Zealand ETA. Submission of an application in this application system should be straightforward if assisted by an expert consultant; alternatively, you could make use of the service on your own.


Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) system makes applying for travel documents necessary for entering New Zealand via an electronic process easy from home, laptop, or tablet – no more visiting an embassy or consulate!

Discover everything there is to know about New Zealand ETA and apply in order to be eligible.


What are New Zealand ETAs and why do I need one?

New Zealand Tourist ETAs provide travellers with multiple entry and exit privileges during their time spent there, meaning you may enter and leave multiple times throughout your visit.

Visa Waiver Program (VWP), established by the United States government. These countries must grant this document in order to take part in it and thus qualify.

People from countries eligible for visa waivers can travel freely into the US without needing one; similarly, citizens living within the US themselves can visit any waiver state without incurring an entry visa requirement.

UK passport holders travelling to New Zealand require this travel document in addition to having their valid UK passport.

Applying for the NZeTA doesn’t require scheduling an appointment or showing your original documents at an Embassy or consulate of New Zealand.

Border agents use this travel document to efficiently process visitors entering New Zealand.

Make sure your application for an iVisa visa online is 100! We take care of everything for you!

Once approved, you’ll receive your New Zealand ETA via email and can either display it digitally or have it printed at the border of New Zealand. However, for optimal convenience, iVisa suggests downloading all relevant travel documents onto a smartphone before travelling abroad.

How long are tourist ETAs valid in New Zealand? Is ETA valid until?

New Zealand government policy stipulates that an Electronic Travel Authority, commonly referred to as an ETA, lasts two years from when issued and indicates its expiration date; you can only enter New Zealand after its start date has passed; when entering, each entry can last 90 days with UK citizens permitted extending up to six months stay per entry.

What requirements must I fulfill to submit an online application for New Zealand ETA?

Applying online for New Zealand ETA is quick and painless; our dedicated staff takes care of handling most of the administrative work needed for submission; all that’s necessary to begin this process is providing necessary documents and providing any required information or updates.

Below is a list of documents and requirements needed to submit an application:

Valid passport; its date of expiry must be at least three months prior to when you plan to depart New Zealand; at least one blank page in it must also exist so as to enable stamping of pages as soon as they become available for stamping.

An up-to-date digital passport-sized photograph. If necessary, iVisa can assist in this regard by offering one here.

Travel Dates – It is essential that when planning a journey you include both departure and arrival dates in your itinerary.

Your email address When applying for New Zealand ETA, an email confirmation with a unique reference number will be sent directly to your inbox. Simply print or save this document.

Payment Methods with iVisa You have many payment options with iVisa: credit and debit cards as well as PayPal are accepted methods.

After filling out and submitting this form, an email with a confirmation of your New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority document should arrive in your inbox or SPAM folder – printing isn’t required and one copy can even be brought directly to the airport!

We strongly suggest getting these additional documents:

Documents that demonstrate your ability to sustain yourself on your travels.

Provide evidence that you hold a return ticket.

Prove Your Excellent Health and Character.

How can I obtain a New Zealand ETS online?

Follow these steps using any device equipped with electronic technology and submit the New Zealand ETA with iVisa in just 10 minutes!

Step One:

The initial step involves filling out your personal information on an iVisa online form and choosing when and how much processing fees should be paid online – everything happens online!

Step 2 – Once your information has been completed on the form and approved complete payment.

3. At this final stage, upload additional documents and fill out an application.

New Zealand Electronic Travel Authorization (NZeTA).

US citizens travelling to New Zealand must secure an Electronic Travel Authorization from New Zealand before visiting. A web ETA application costs between 11-15 USD, while processing times typically fall within 72 to 7 days.

Do US Nationals Require A NZeTA Visa?

Absolutely, US Citizens can find themselves amongst ETA New Zealand’s list of visa-exempt nations and thus require no special permit or permission in order to visit.

Can US Green Card Holders Apply for an NZeTA?

If your passport comes from one of the countries not covered by visa waiver eligibility and you don’t fall onto that list, an NZeTA (New Zealand entry visa application form and Tourist Authorisation System for New Zealand eTAs/visitors visa) should be applied for. Even if it comes from one that’s included on that list, an application to receive one still needs to be made and accepted before departure.

How Can You Apply for NZeTA Instantly?

Have you experienced the anxiety associated with applying for a visa as being both time-consuming and stressful? From documents being misfiled or website crashes leaving one wondering when their desired visa might arrive? With Atlys it is now possible to complete a New Zealand Visa Application in 30 minutes without errors! Seeming like hard work? But with us, it doesn’t need to be!

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