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NDIS Community Nursing Care

The main goal of the national disability insurance program is to help people who need it. The NDIS has signed Achieve Disability Care up to help disabled people in the Perth area. We can help you or your loved ones with things like community nursing care.

What is care by a nurse in the community?

The goal of community nursing care services is to help you meet your medical and personal needs. We will help you live an independent and healthy life, no matter what kind of disability you have.

This service will be given to NDIS participants who are eligible. It includes things like general nursing, wound care, help with long-term conditions, or hospital-style care outside of the hospital. We offer this service to help prevent disease, keep people healthy, and help with health problems that already exist. To do this, we work directly with you and your family.

Community service also acts as a way for different people who help the community to understand each other. Our support worker can be your voice so you don’t have to worry about anything. Our support staff will take care of your nursing care, so you can focus more on getting better.

The roles and responsibilities of a community nurse

Depending on your health, the nurse who is in charge of you will have different tasks and roles to do. Here’s a list of all of them.

  • Care after a stay in the hospital
  • Putting together treatment plants
  • Case management
  • Taking care of medications
  • Wound management
  • Stoma management
  • Diabetes management
  • Respiratory support
  • Nursing care during the night
  • Personal care assistance

All of the above tasks will be done while working closely with the doctors and other medical staff to give you the best service possible. Expert nurses with many years of experience will take care of these responsibilities.

Staff nurses work in the community.

The community nursing service will start by taking a look at you and figuring out what kind of help you need. After that, our staff will start making plans for your recovery.

First, they’ll take care of you, and then they’ll figure out how to help you take care of yourself. Our trained support staff will help you learn how to take care of yourself.

They will keep track of your day-to-day progress and share that information with official medical staff. This will help them decide the next step in your recovery, like if you need special care or if you can start doing things again.

You will learn a lot through this process because the end goal is for you to be able to do more things on your own. To use these services, you need to get in touch with us.

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