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Nagarjuna Ayurveda Products

Nature of medications assumes a crucial part in the viability of medicines. In Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Center, we recommend and utilize medications made by our own parent organization, Nagarjuna Homegrown Concentrates Ltd (NHCL). Nagarjuna has hence fostered an extensive variety of speciality medications, showed in the treatment of Stiffness, Spine issues, Delicate tissue ailment, Neuro strong circumstances, male barrenness, to give some examples. Every single unrefined substance and completed items are tried by various strategies to guarantee their quality and standard.

We will now take a look at the most famous medicines that are available on Ayurheals website. You can also find Dhootpapeshwar all products on Ayurheals as well.

Nagarjuna Haridra Khandam

Nagarjuna Haridra Khandam is utilized in the treatment of unfavorably susceptible skin illnesses. It assists with further developing skin quality and composition. It is a characteristic ayurvedic plan made with areas of strength for an of spices that assistance to calm and saturate your skin.

Ingredients include: Haridra, Guduchi, Amalaki, Madhu

Uses and Advantages 

  • Profoundly powerful ayurvedic medication for sensitivity
  • Utilized broadly in the treatment of unfavorably susceptible skin illnesses, tingling skin sicknesses
  • Further develops skin quality and composition

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Nagarjuna Rheumat Liniment

Rheumat Liniment By Nagarjuna Is An Exclusive Ayurvedic Medication. It Is A Pain relieving And Mitigating Equation For Body Agony, Solid Torment, And so on. Sign: Body Agony, Strong And Joint Torment, Injuries And Lumbago. Clinically demonstrated to ease body torment, joint agony, injuries, and lumbago. As an Ayurvedic medication, Rheumat Liniment by Nagarjuna is a confided in decision for those looking for help from irritating throbs and aggravation. With its pain relieving and mitigating properties, Rheumat Liniment is the ideal expansion to your health routine for enduring alleviation and further developed versatility.

Ingredients include: Gandhapura Taila (Oil of Gaultheria fragrantissima), Sarala (Pinus roxburghii), Karpoora (Camphora officinarum), Tila Taila (Sesame Oil), Tarpin Ka Taila (Oil of Pinus longifolia), Nirgundi (Vitex negundo)

Uses and Advantages 

  • Calms joint agony and irritation
  • Eases solidness and further develops versatility
  • Advances flow for better joint wellbeing
  • Reinforces muscles and tissues
  • Gives speedy and enduring help

Nagarjuna Kumkumadi Lepam

Nagarjuna Kumkumadi Lepam is an extremely powerful in eliminating dark stamps and gives wonderful decency. It is very skin-accommodating and an optimal answer for the always developing skin health management. It significantly supports the skin and is made from standard trimmings that help with restoring your skin’s typical prosperity and splendor.

Ingredients include: Saffron (Kumkuma), Sandalwood (Chandana), Manjishtha, Yashtimadhu, Red Sandalwood (Rakta Chandana), Lotus (Padma)

Uses and Advantages of 

  • Lights up the Skin: Kumkumaadi Lepam is known for its skin-lighting up properties, assisting you with accomplishing a glowing coloring.
  • Diminishes Dim Spots: This Ayurvedic detailing targets and decreases the presence of dull spots, giving you clear and even-conditioned skin.
  • Supports and Saturates: The lepam profoundly feeds and saturates the skin, leaving it graceful and hydrated.
  • Hostile to Maturing Advantages: Loaded with cancer prevention agents, it helps in decreasing the indications of maturing, advancing energetic and rejuvenated skin.
  • Further develops Skin Surface: Standard use further develops skin surface, making it smoother and gentler to the touch.

Nagarjuna Brahmi Ghrutham

Nagarjuna Brahmi Ghrutham is an ayurvedic medication that is generally used for the treatment of Epilepsy, Mental Obstacle, Mental deterioration, Stimulating Deficiency. The basic components of Nagarjuna Brahmi Ghrutham are Jasmine, Shankhpushpi, Ghee, Vidanga. Produced using normal ingredinets, Nagarjuna Brahmi Ghrutham is a trusted ayurvedic medication used to treat Epilepsy, Mental Hindrance, Cognitive decline and Healthful Inadequacy. Its strong mix of Jasmine, Shankhpushpi, Ghee, and Vidanga gives various medical advantages with practically no unsafe synthetic substances or added substances. This equation has been logically demonstrated to help mental capability, upgrade memory and work on in general wellbeing. Trust in Nagarjuna Brahmi Ghrutham to give compelling and safe treatment to your wellbeing needs.

Ingredients include: Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Shankhapushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis), Vacha (Acorus calamus), Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi), and Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia).

Uses and Advantages of Nagarjuna Brahmi Ghrutham

  • Upgrades memory and mental capability
  • Upholds generally mind wellbeing
  • Alleviates pressure and uneasiness
  • Advances sound rest
  • Supports the sensory system
  • Helps with mental clearness and concentration


The scope of ayurvedic meds presented by Nagarjuna, from skincare arrangements like Nagarjuna Haridra Khandam to help with discomfort recipes like Rheumat Liniment, features the brand’s obligation to utilizing regular, excellent fixings. Every item, tried thoroughly to fulfill high guidelines, takes care of explicit wellbeing needs, for example, joint agony, skin issues, and mental capabilities, giving protected and viable medicines established in customary Ayurvedic rehearses. This essential combination of in-house creation and careful quality control guarantees that every medicine advances mending as well as supports generally speaking prosperity, building up Nagarjuna’s situation as a confided in name in Ayurveda.

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