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Must-Have Cocktail Mixers for Your Home Bar

In the last couple of years, the pandemic has made every one of us stay at home and maintain social distancing. Even after the pandemic, with the new normal of working from home and having parties more often, cocktail mixtures can be very handy to enjoy or chill at home by yourself, with your family, or host guests.

The drinking experience at home has changed dramatically post-pandemic. These cocktail mixers are a tasty way to reduce your alcohol intake. Having cocktail mixtures at home, you need to add a spirit to the cocktail premix, and you are good to go for a lip-smacking cocktail without waiting for one at any bar. With cocktail mixtures at home, you can enjoy a bar-like cocktail at any time. But we should always be mindful to drink responsibly!

The Best Cocktail Mixers in Australia

To make a heavenly-like cocktail, you must mix any cocktail mixture type, namely margaritas, Pina Colada, martinis, Sangria, Whiskey Sour, mojitos, and Bloody Mary, with almost any spirit of your choice.

The following are one of the four best cocktail mixers in Australia. You can find them easily in your market offline and online:

  1. Cocktails by Vok
  2. Mr Consistent
  3. Cipriani White Peach Bellini
  4. Cawsey’s

Let’s dive into these above-mentioned best cocktail mixers in Australia.

Cocktails by Vok This cocktail mixer comes in different sizes such as 250 ml, 500ml & 2 LT. Cocktails by Vok originates in Australia and is now seen as an icon in the tequila world. It is a perfect blend of lime and sweet and is considered one of the best cocktail mixers in Australia for dinner or a party.

Classic lime, strawberry lime, mango, pineapple, and classic lime light Vok liqueurs Mixers are always good to go with frozen crushed ice or on the rocks.

Mr Consistent

It is one of the most known and loved cocktail mixtures having its origin in Australia. It also goes very well with margaritas. It can give you an awesome vibe with a salted rim on any hot summer day. These mixers are fully vegan and gluten-free and come in 750mL bottles. 

Here is a tip, if you’re planning to experiment with the flavours, you may try limes, agave, and Cointreau. One of the most popular ones you can try is mixing with coconut 1800 tequila. 

Cipriani White Peach Bellini

This one is from one of the most acclaimed winemakers brands, i.e., Cipriani. Its origin is Italy. This Bellini Cocktail comes in a 750mL bottle and remains in seriously short supply. It is one of those cocktail mixers that you may like to add to your collection. 

It has a lovely peachy flavour and doesn’t taste like liquid sugar or overly sweet. It’s crisp, refreshing, and scrumptious. It can be one of your go-to summer drinks for sure.

Cawsey’s Mojito

This cocktail mixer has a rich and creamy taste with a complex combination of coffee, vodka, and sweet tones. Every sip of this cocktail mix gets an initial warm burst of sweetness followed by rich toffee, cocoa, and coffee elements. This Archie Rose Original with the roasted espresso heat provides you with a heavenly cocktail.

The Essence of Cocktail Mixers at Home

These cocktail mixers are a must-have for every house. They are also helpful when you are out of any ingredients the recipe asks for, as it eliminates the entire ingredient-collection process. Cocktail mixers can come in handy for any casual get-together or family gathering.
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