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Multilayer Cross Laminated Tarpaulin

We are a leading Manufacturer of “MULTILAYER CROSS LAMINATED TARPAULIN”, and German Technology best quality and All Type of colors available and All Products Certification Is Iso 9001:2015 product 100% Waterproof,uv Rays Stabilized Virgin Plastic, Extra Strong, Truck Body Cover, Car, Bike & Train,tents and Our High Grade Cross Laminated Multi-layered Tarpaulin, Made From 100% Superior Grade Virgin Materials. 150 GSM Multilayer Tarpaulin and 120 GSM Multilayer Tarpaulin from Ahmedabad, India.

A multilayer cross laminated tarpaulin manufacturer produces tarpaulins that are made of multiple layers of material that are laminated together in a crosswise pattern. These tarpaulins are known for their strength and durability and are often used in applications such as construction sites, agriculture, and transportation. Some key characteristics of a good multilayer cross laminated tarpaulin manufacturer include the use of high-quality materials, advanced manufacturing processes, and strict quality control standards. Additionally, a reputable manufacturer should be able to customize tarpaulins to meet specific customer requirements.


Tarpaulins have multi-uses like crop Protection and other humanitarian goods from direct sunshine, rainfall, and wind. Also, it is widely used for temporary shelter in many placeslike laborshelters, camping, and disaster relief work. The industries use HDPE Multilayer Cross Laminated Tarpaulin fabrics to make greenhouse aprons, grow bags, vermi beds, Azolla beds, Vehicle cover and different propose.

Weather Proof

NK POLYCROSS LLP heavy-duty UV stabilized tarpaulins incorporate high tensile strength and resistance to puncture, cracks and tears.


– Physical Properties comes as per Indian Standard

– UV Stabilized to withstand tough climatic condition.

– Inert to most of Chemicals and Acid.

– 100% Recyclable and Eco Friendly.

– 100% Waterproof with Excellent Hydrostatic Resistance.

– Superir Tensile & Tear Strength.

– Able to Withstand Environment and flexibility to avoid Cracks & Puncture Resistance.

– Easy Handling & Transportation


– A Premium Product Designed and Developed through Indian Technology.

– Unbeatable Strength in both Machine & Cross direction.

– Tested and Approved Through Reputed asian and North American and Europe Testing Labs.

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