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What to Know About Modern Security Management

Just half a century ago, most aspects of security management were handled directly using analog video systems and teams of guards. Things have changed a lot since then, though, not just because related technologies have advanced significantly but also because the threats have changed.

This article will offer a brief outline of how today’s security managers can improve efficiency while simultaneously reducing both physical and cyber threats.

Understanding the Threat Landscape

The most important thing for any security professional is to understand what the team is up against. These days, that means contending with not just potential physical intrusions but also a growing number of cybercriminals capable of perpetrating increasingly complex crimes.

Part of the reason that data theft, ransomware use, and other cybercrimes have become more prevalent today is that some companies have yet to grasp the importance of implementing effective cybersecurity protocols. However, these threats can also come from unexpected places.

Modern Security Management

Many legacy ACSs are connected to modern systems without regard to the older equipment’s lack of adequate cybersecurity protections, and cybercriminals know that.

They can target these poorly protected components and use them to gain access to the company’s entire network.

Making Use of Modern Tools

The good news for industry professionals is that the company’s manufacturing cybersecurity and physical security systems have been evolving alongside those who wish to exploit those technologies.

Some modern security tools combine specialty hardware with AI-driven software solutions. License plate recognition systems are a good example. Incorporating these kinds of advanced physical security solutions into the company’s overall plan makes it easier to keep unwanted intruders out and also to collect key data for later analysis.

Ensuring Staff Compliance

No matter how impressive a device’s technological safeguards are, it’s still important to ensure proper use of the technology. Provide training to all new staff members regarding not just how to use security dashboards, access data, and control the system but also why it’s so important to follow company protocols regarding the use of these impressive technologies. Continuing education is also a must as systems evolve.

No software program or hardware device can eliminate the possibility of human error entirely. It takes ongoing dedication on behalf of not just the security officers but also the rest of the company’s staff.

Keeping Up with the Latest Changes

Security managers must exercise the same level of due diligence so they can continue to protect against the full range of threats associated with today’s complex security landscape.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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