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Merino wool men’s briefs agreeable for every season

The Silver Lining Merino Wool Boxer Brief:

 This product is your ideal Odorless Work, Travel, and Play partner.

The property of Pure Silver brief is Combined with The Comfort of Merino Wool. Pure silver allows this item to last for days without washing. Previously was only used for military and aerospace applications. Merino wool men’s briefs are superfine and fine. It regulates temperature making your body cool and dry during the summer and cozy and warm in the winter. This item can be yours today.


Highlight strength is harnessed to produce a powerful technology that stops the growth of bacteria on fabric, eliminates human odors for the fabric’s lifetime, and comes with 100% silver coverage on the fiber to enhance performance.

Discover the wonders of our premium quality Merino wool and experience the natural ability to breathe and the system for managing moisture. The advantages that come with Merino wool include, but aren’t only limited to, natural cooling and heating and sun protection. It also has naturally resistant to static electricity, rapid drying wicking, resilience and strength with anti-itch properties, and the ability to resist odor.


It is a firmness control device to prevent it from falling.


It has gripping quality For ensuring a constant leg hold to prevent it from clumping up.

Windies Briefs for Fly:

  • You’ll find the most comfortable pair of men’s pants.
  • Men’s Australian-designed Merino Briefs are Great underwear to wear for working, traveling, and playing.
  • Built-in Fly, Double layer pouch
  • Self-fabric binding that wraps natural rubber on legs for more convenience
  • The soft 32mm Wundies elastic for your comfort
  • Reduces sweating and Chaffing
  • Fully breathable and naturally flexible Move along with you
  • Thermoregulation – excellent for cold or hot temperatures.
  • Easy to clean and quick drying
  • It is soft and gentle for sensitive skin, Ideal for eczema sufferers.
  • Fabric: 175 gsm 100% Australian Merino

Merino Country has developed a lightweight, easy-care, 100% merino wool fabric called MERINO KNIT. It’s currently available in two weights and has the appearance of silk. Although there is a slight motion in one wash (around 2 percent), It doesn’t shrink or alter its properties after washing. It’s an undoubtedly easy-care product that may be used on the skin without irritation. It is machine washable and could be tumble-dried.

Fabrics are available in a variety of kinds of weights and types of construction. Our fabrics are mostly jersey knits. It means that they’re stretchy. In a natural way! Merino is elastic, meaning our clothes and underwear can move harmoniously with you.

2-Men’s merino wool boxer briefs:


The top-selling Ridge Merino wool Boxer Brief features high-performance features such as durability and a perfect fit. We used ultra-soft Merino wool on top of the skin to ensure unbeatable comfort. Furthermore to this, Ridge Boxer Brief Ridge Boxer Brief features our (m)Force(TM) Technology. A nylon core spun Merino wool to increase the strength of the fabric and lessen scratching. It also has a hint of spandex that provides an extended stretch and recovery. This style features the gusseted cut of the crotch, a simple-to-use fly. It is sewn with flatlock seams that eliminate any chance of rubbing. Additionally, it comes with an inseam of six” inseam. These features and other natural Merino advantages – resistance to odor and quick drying, temperature control, and temperature regulation – make the Ridge Merino wool Boxer Brief essential for daily activities.

Product Features:

Merino wool men’s briefs are as follows:

  •  Easy Fly
  • Gusseted Crotch
  • Flatlock Seams
  • Branded Waistband
  • Label printed and removable care label to ensure maximum convenience
  • Natural odor resistance
  • Quick drying
  • Size M weight – 3oz
  • The concept was developed and tested and tested in Mammoth Lakes, CA
  • Imported

Fabric Details:

  • 83% Merino wool, 12% Nylon, 5% Spandex
  • 170g Merino Wool
  • 18.5 microns wool

Natural and environmentally sustainable Merino Wool enhanced with the (m)Force(TM) Technology.

High-end durability is up to 50% more durable* than similar Merino fabric weights.

Merino Usefulness:

Soft – No itch, premium ultra-fine 18.5-micron fibers feel great against your skin.

Control of temperature Natural temperature regulation Ridge insulation when temperatures are cold and allow the heat to escape when temperatures increase.

Moisture management: 

Ridge’s natural fibers help to wick away moisture from your skin, preventing itching.

No smell: 

Merino wool is naturally and forever able to ward off odors without using chemicals because of its antimicrobial properties.

Sun Protection – UPF 50+ certified

3-Men’s merino wool 160 boxer briefs:

Bullet Points for merino wool men’s briefs:

  • 100% natural superfine 17.5-micron ensures the highest level of relaxation.
  • Anti-bacterial and odor-resistant properties help ensure that you stay dry and comfy. 160g/m2 weight interlock knit fit snuggly and offers gentle support.

Originating directly from Australia, our Merino wool is 100% pure and comfortable and allows you to retain the natural feeling of being on the Earth. The Merino wool clothes we make will provide the right warmth as the seasons change.

It’s a perfect option for everyone who wants an elegant, relaxed appearance and wants to maintain confidence in their traditional style or appearance.

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