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Men’s Clothing Ideas for The Office 

The question of the best clothes for men is a contentious one. What are the best office clothes for men? Who, or how is the best outfit determined? Obviously, there exist clothes men should wear as office clothes.  

It’s often interesting seeing some men wearing clothes that make them look awkward in the office. You sometimes see men in jackets going to the office. Some may appear on T-shirts. But is there a dress code for the office? Is there truly any outfit that is unsuitable for the office? 

Well, a lot of things will determine how we dress. Depending on the environment you’re coming from. Your environment will undoubtedly affect your sense of dressing. Culture and religion also play essential roles in our dressing. 

Let’s consider a few scenarios. You just landed a new job and want to dress to impress your coworkers. Or, you’ve been at home for a long time – either due to the covid restrictions or on vacation – and need to return to work. How do you dress to work? 

We surveyed some exquisite boutiques. We conducted brief research on office wear and came up with these findings. Read on to learn more about men’s clothing ideas for the office. 

What is Business Casual? 

Remember that the point of discussion is men’s office clothing. When discussing office attire for men, what readily comes to mind is a business outfit or business casual. So what is business casual? How do you know to dress adequately to work? 

Business casual is an overused term for office wear or official attire. What is business casual attire for men?   

It also depends on the industry you belong. Business casual dress varies from industry to industry. For example, business casual attire for someone working in the bank can differ from another in the construction industry. 

Again, your company culture is a matter to consider. Companies develop dress codes over time, and workers must understand this culture. 

Moreover, besides industry type and company culture, you should remember that some official outings require specific business attire. An example is a business dinner or an executive meeting. 

In principle, business casual dress is any dress that makes you appear formal, depending on the event or occasion. Business casual attire makes you look smart and presentable. 

Casual business workwear is the officially allowed dress code for your workplace. It means that what’s allowed in one place may not be accepted in another. However, standard business casuals are recognizable.  

1. Shirts 

When it comes to business outfits, the shirt is the most significant because it’s the most conspicuous thing on you. Your shirt makes a whole lot of difference when you appear. That’s what people see first. 

If you work in the bank or any corporate organization, your best bet is to wear a plain long sleeve shirt. White, sky-blue, or sometimes a striped shirt will do. You may look weird if you appear at the workplace in a colored shirt. 

You can add a nice tie to complete your corporate outfit. A tie is essential business attire for the banking and financial sectors. It would be nice if you wore a tie on your long sleeve shirt. It makes you appear impressive. 

You can rock your sleeve shirt with a jacket to appear more business-like. If you’re a business executive, a manager, or the head of a corporate organization, you’ll feel good wearing your suit. You can pair your suit with Men’s Bow Ties, if you are going to attend a formal party.

However, everyone has their style despite the dress code. You can nicely roll up your sleeve in style. This gives additional fitting to you. Make sure your shirt is tight enough and free on you. And it must be tucked in. 

2. Trousers  

Your outfit is incomplete without a matching pair of trousers. The pants matter a lot and contribute to the beauty of your attire.  

The bottom wear for men varies in styles and designs. Men’s clothing for the office depends on the nature of engagement or work. Traditionally, chinos are a good fit for men’s workwear. Chinos are all-time wear. They never go out of fashion. 

The bottom wear for the formal work dress can be anything but plain pants. Plain trousers are the best office bottoms for men in the office. 

Colors matter a lot in men’s office clothing. Black, neutral, gray, dark, or anything cool will do. You don’t need a loud color for men’s bottoms.  

Sometimes, jeans can pass for office clothes, especially if combined with a plain or striped shirt. Most offices allow some variations of dress code on weekends.  


According to industry leaders, workplace attire inculcates work culture and encourages inclusivity. Everyone looks perfect and agreeable when they appear in a dress code. It would be odd to appear in a workplace wearing anything. Workplace attire makes everyone look professional. It connotes coordination.  

Don’t be the odd man out as you return to the office this season. Refrain from getting a reprimand from your boss for not complying with the office dress code. Good attire gives you confidence when you engage with your colleagues. Remember, you are what you wear. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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