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Medical Universities In China At Reasonable Fee

List of Medical Universities in China Approved by MOE for 2022–2023

In China, there are two different types of universities that offer MBBS training:

MOE China has a list of universities that are authorized to offer MBBS degrees in English to international students.

Non-listed universities that are also permitted to provide the MBBS degree to international students are only permitted to do it in Chinese.

Now, as a student hoping to study medicine in China, you must be debating between the two types of universities. Given that you are an international student and do not speak Chinese, it makes sense for you to select option 1 – the MOE Medical Universities in China that have been approved by the Ministry of Education, China, to offer MBBS in English Medium. At first, learning a language based on characters rather than letters may seem intimidating to you.

To be honest, though, deciding between a Listed and Non-Listed University typically relies on where in the world you are from and whether or not the Medical Council of your own nation will allow you to enroll in a Non-Listed University. For instance, Pakistani students typically choose Non-Listed Universities over Listed Universities, mostly because they are less expensive. (Click to see the List of Medical Universities in China on List A of the Pakistan Medical Council – PMC.)

However, students from Bangladesh and India must enroll in MBBS programs at universities recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) and the Medical Council of India, respectively. Additionally, the Listed Universities are permitted to accept a certain number of international students to take English classes. Be mindful, however, that the MOE Listed Universities now have another tactic since they can only accept a certain number of students for their English-taught MBBS programs.

In addition to English-taught MBBS programs, the MOE Listed Universities also offer bilingual/Chinese-medium programs that are somewhat less expensive (albeit still expensive). On the other hand, the Non-Listed Universities typically do not have a set quota for accepting foreign students. However, learning Chinese language is a must for all overseas students, regardless of whether they select a Listed University or a Non-Listed University to pursue their MBBS degree.

This is because it is crucial for surviving in China. To communicate with people on a daily basis, you will need to speak Mandarin. Learning Chinese is essentially necessary for overseas students who are pursuing MBBS degrees in China since you will need to communicate with patients in Mandarin (also known as Pu Tong Hua) in the hospitals. Find out if studying MBBS at MOE Listed universities is indeed required for Pakistani students.

The Ministry of Education China has allowed a total of 45 (+1) Universities to provide English-medium MBBS courses to foreign students in 2022–2023; these institutions are able to enroll a total of 3,058 foreign students annually.

On the website of the Ministry of Education China, you can also find the list of the aforementioned MOE Listed Medical Universities.

Since 2007, when the Ministry of Education China first released its list of medical universities, ITSA Consultants has been assisting students who wish to pursue MBBS degrees at such institutions. The list of Medical Universities approved by MOE to offer the MBBS in English program changes frequently, so it is advised that students regularly consult the MOE China website for the most recent list of Medical Universities approved to offer the MBBS program to overseas students.

However, because of Covid, foreign students are currently the only ones who may take classes online as they are not yet permitted to enter China. Find out when foreign students can go back to China. and the difficulties that overseas students encounter when learning online.

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