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Mazayah Legend’s Advice to GenZ

As they say “We live in the midst of plenty but always seem to want more. We feel that we do not have enough time, and yet we waste the precious time we have on video games, text messaging, reading about the lives of talentless celebrities, or earning more money to buy things we don’t need.” In today’s world it’s very easy to get distracted and lose focus from activities that may lead you towards success, however there are some individuals who know that if social media has some negatives, it has countless positive attributes as well. You can either waste time scrolling your news feed or you can make money by letting others scroll down your own newsfeed. Mazayah Legend Andrews built his fan base by being himself, he knew that if he would imitate someone it may not benefit him in the longer run so instead of joining the flock of sheep, he parted his ways and lived his life on his own terms. When he brought up the Polygamy relationship, everyone was against him but when people saw him succeeding, not only in one business but with multiple businesses and that too in different industries, people started to pay attention and started following his footprints. Today Mazayah has more than a million people following him across social media and he has been destiny’s favorite child since then, a lot of people call him lucky but in reality it was his vision and never ending hard work that took him to places. 

Mazayah has always believed in living his life king size, if you talk about his married life, he got 4 wives, if you talk about cars he got multiple cars, if you talk about mansions, he got many in different states of the United States. Speaking of mansions, not to forget the 20 Million dollar story when in a drug bust at his residence that he rented out, Miami Police found about $20 Million stuffed in buckets. That incident gave him a very tough time as people accused him of being involved, however as they say tough times don’t last, tough people do. Mazayah showed his fans how to deal with such situations by staying calm and patient.

Whether it’s a tv interview, a podcast or his own social media, Mazayah has always advised GenZ that if you’re dedicated towards your goal, if you have that fire, if you are honest with yourself, if you are willing to sacrifice and stepping out of your comfort zone, you can conquer the world just like he did. Today he is not just a social media star but he is an entrepreneur, an author, an athlete, a music producer and above all a successful family man who leads his life with 4 beautiful and hardworking women besides him that are constantly fueling him to keep going and achieving what no one has ever done. 

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