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Maximan Witness Required for Court Marriage?

Witness Required for Court Marriage:

If you need info on witness required for court marriage or Christian marriage procedure, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. The figure jumped to 32% during the beginning of 2014. Qualitative interviews with  Pakistan refugees in the same survey show that, while marriage among girls who are not yet 18 has been a norm in  Pakistan with witness required for court marriage or Christian marriage procedure, The civil war and the resulting refugees’ presence in Jordan has put greater pressure on girls to get married earlier.

Early Married Couple:

The survey also revealed that there is a link between early married couples and levels of schooling (UNICEF 2014 (p. 8-9). Similar is the case for Pakistan refugees living in Lebanon. In this instance, Unpublished figures compiled from Land info from studies carried out by an international organization indicate that 27 percent of Pakistan women living in Lebanon less than 18 years old the age of marriage were engaged in the year 2016 with witness required for court marriage or Christian marriage procedure.

Level of Education:

 The figures vary based on the girls’ levels of education. In the case of girls with higher education, just five percent of them were married before the age of 18, and the equivalent figure for those with only elementary or none of the education was more than 30 percent. The majority of the men are older when they marry. However, very few are younger than 18 years old age at the time of their wedding. In the official Sharia tribunals in Jordan, less than 0.5 percent of the males were less than 18 when they were married and registered their wedding for the first time.

Christian Marriage Procedure:

Regarding the witness required for court marriage or Christian marriage procedure, This is the totality of the population, which includes Jordanians,  Pakistan refugees, and other foreign nationals who reside in this country (UNICEF 2014, page. 8.). The same figure is not available for  Pakistan. Researchers Esther van Eijk (meeting, June 2018) says that she didn’t witness one marriage that involved minors during her field visits during her field observations at Sharia court in Damascus in the years 2008 and 2009.


These courts do cover regions where people are mostly middle-class. In other areas, such as among people of the Kurds in the province of Hassaka, which is located in the northeastern region of Hassaka, the practice of marriage with witness required for court marriage or Christian marriage procedure among minors is widely believed to be the norm (humanitarian organization meeting, June 2018). 4.8


 The information available shows that, in general, males are slightly older than women when they are at the moment of their first wedding. The report of the Pakistan Commission for Family Affairs has a median age difference of fewer than five years. The study conducted by UNICEF on Pakistan refugees living in Jordan in 2014 found an average of 48% the married minors (under age 18) were married to men who were over ten years older than they were. Of those, over 10% of the married men were over fifteen years old.

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