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How Many Witness Must in Court Marriage?

Witness in Court Marriage:

 if you wish to about witness in court marriage or Christian marriage, the answer is just two witnesses are required. The wedding ceremony is legal along with social significance. The consummation (al-dukhla), i.e., Love Content, is crucial to establish the legitimacy of an engagement. Consumption also comes with financial implications. If the couple has been able to register and sign an agreement to marry prior to when the wedding celebrations begin with witness in court marriage or Christian marriage, and the marriage disintegrates prior to being “consummated,” it will be straightforward to have the marriage annulled if both parties are in agreement.


 In such instances, the woman will receive the dowry that she received earlier and receive half of the dowry that was delayed (van Eijk 2016, p. 112; Rabo, e-mail correspondence September 2017).[1[1 Wedding ceremonies differ greatly. For rural regions, it’s typical for the family of the bride to arrange a cortege made up of buses and cars to her home to pick her up and to be accompanied by lots of horns blaring and loud music. Corteges like this are also common in cities, and the groom’s car is usually decorated.

Families With Wealth:

 Families with wealth usually throw an extravagant party in an establishment like a hotel or hired location with a large number of guests in witness in court marriage or Christian marriage. It is typical for relatives to present the bride with gold. In the wedding contract, families can determine the amount of gold that the bride will get and how much of her wedding dowry will be used for the wedding dress as well as other wedding items (Rabo 2017 E-mail correspondence, September 2017). 4.5


 URFI MARRIAGES Weddings are typically conducted privately and not registered by Sharia courts. Sharia courts.

Christian Marriage:

These types of marriages with witness in court marriage or Christian marriage are referred to as Urfi marriages or “customary” marriages ( Zawaj Urfi). A religiose Muslim leader, also known as a shaykh, is usually the one who conducts the wedding ceremony with witnesses in attendance. In some instances, there is a private marriage contract that is made. In other instances, there is no written contract ever is created (humanitarian group, meeting June 2018). The law allows for the late registration of marriages in urfi through Sharia courts.

Sharia courts:

It is not possible to determine the exact number of witness in court marriage or Christian marriage yet. However, Urfimarriages are believed to be popular, especially in rural regions. If there isn’t a formal written marriage contract between the parties to a remarriage witness, testimony from witnesses usually suffice (humanitarian organization Meeting, June 2018 Van Eijk 2016, page. 144 ); Rabo 2011, 35, p. 35. UNICEF 2014, P. 13.).

Couple Marry Traditionally:

There are many reasons couples marry traditionally but delay the formal ceremony or don’t have it registered at all. In some instances, this can be due to custom. For the Kurds in the northeastern region of  Pakistan, the more common to declare a marriage once it is established and then celebrated (humanitarian organization, meeting June 2018).

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