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Massage Methods You Can Use At Home or In A Clinic

To complete weight loss and obtain optimal efficiency, we often think of anti-cellulite creams and massages, on sale in all shops today. Revital Medical In institutes or at home, these messages are more and more widespread.

If all the tricks are good to take to lose a few centimeters in size, are massages really effective for losing weight? In addition to a balanced diet and sports practice, do you want to let yourself be tempted by massages to relax?  

First Of All, You Should Know That There Are Three Types of Anti-Cellulite Massages.

The palpate-roll. It is a rather dreaded but very effective method of massage. To refine thanks to the massages, it is necessary to attack where there are clumps of fat. Indeed, the objective is to break up this cluster in order to accelerate the melting of the incriminated beads. In the palpate-roll method, the masseur takes a skin fold, rolls it, and then kneads it. This is a message that can be unpleasant or even painful if the cellulite is old. But, despite this sometimes-unpleasant method, it is very effective in the long term.

Hand Or Machine Massage? What Is the Most Effective?

Paper rolling has become a classic in spas and institutes. It exists in two forms. By hand or with machines. When palpate-rolling is performed with machines, this is done by enterology or depress therapy machines, more commonly known as Cellu-M6 or Icon (both registered trademarks.

Massages To Lose Weight, yes. But Under What Conditions?

It should be noted that these massages can be effective in refining its size. However, do not think that massages will be enough for you to lose weight. If you don’t pay attention to your diet, they won’t be of any use, except for a moment of relaxation. Conversely, by making regular efforts, you can achieve a real loss of size in centimeters. Massages facilitate the elimination of toxins and fight against water retention.

Lose Weight by The Cold How?

Simply by burning calories. The lowering of the temperature during a whole-body cryotherapy session (the temperature can reach -170°C) forces the body to activate its defenses: increased metabolism and fat burning to keep the body temperature constant. Thus, the body can burn an average of 800 calories in a few minutes during a cryotherapy session. The number of calories burned will depend on each person. It is therefore possible to lose weight by the cold, this is the case in cryotherapy and this is also the case during an outdoor sports session, in winter.  

Losing Weight by Cold Using Cryotherapy 

will only be relevant by combining the process with other more traditional measures: healthy diet, regular sports practice, and diet. The calories lost in cryotherapy will thus not be restocked by the body. We understand that losing weight by cold is not one of the main benefits of cryotherapy, but we can consider that it is a completely beneficial collateral effect. 

Local Treatment

For cellulite cryotherapy to be effective, it must be applied locally and selectively. Since fat cells are more sensitive to cold than other cells, cellulite cryotherapy does not cause collateral damage. A cold-generating electrode, the code, is applied to the area to be treated. The cryotherapy machine also exerts a suction cup effect which allows a more targeted treatment of the mass of adipose tissue to be treated.  

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