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What Can Be Done To Make Pasta Boxes Attractive?

Pastas require an attractive display to attract people. The most unique, innovate and vibrant pasta box gets picked and purchased the most. The lack in packaging is an indication of the business falling apart.

Hence, it is important to have a display for your pasta packaging that stands out. For this purpose, custom pasta boxes wholesale are your life saviors!

Printed pasta boxes will attract people. Their looks of your pasta box will captivate people. All you have to do is make it capable of doing the needful!

What more you can do is add a die-cut window on these boxes as well. It will let customers to see through the box and look at the food. After all, who is in this world not curious and intrigued anymore!

A note to the pasta manufacturing brands:

The most important thing still remains for the manufacturers to understand the real worth and impact of printed pasta boxes. Your packaging can take you to skies and drop you back to the ground with an even harder thud. When it comes to edibles, being extra careful and conscious is then a responsibility!

No manufacturer would like the credibility of their brand being questioned. Your pastas must be honored and loved; and you surely know how to get this done!

Understand and contemplate the power the appearance of your food packaging will hold. It has to appear well for it to do well for your brand!

If you manage to work creatively on the past box packaging, it is sure and a fact indeed that you will own the lead!

Logo needs to be quintessential. Therefore, focus on styling a unique logo.


Add a hint of grace and print your logo with foiling.


Have a 3D space and emboss/deboss your logo!

A step by step guide to design the print of your pasta boxes!

To make an attractive food box print, here are a few steps you need to know about!

  1. Your printed shirt boxes will be your way to communicate and be expressive in front of your customers. Hence, add important details about the past you want. Many people purchase pastas after being familiar with its nutritious properties. You may add such details as well.
  2. Print some recipes on your food box too. Your customers would need some of your assistance and advice on this aspect!
  3. Be creative with the print. Add colours and make it eye catchy. Use graphics, animations and illustrations. They should look graceful yet equally creative!

Pro tip:

Add a coated layer to your pasta boxes. The coating will not only protect/seal your print but also make the box look more vibrant and enhance its elements.

Important guidelines while manufacturing pasta boxes.
Your printed pasta boxes must be sturdy enough to provide a barrier to the pasta. Therefore, prioritize the quality of stocks.
Paperboard, cardboard, corrugated cardboard and Kraft stocks must be preferred and used for custom noodle boxes.
The stocks must be eco-friendly. All the stocks mentioned here can be recycled easily, which is why they can be the ultimate fit for the type of boxes you’re looking to manufacture for your pasta!
Increase the protective barrier of your noodle with an added thickness in the stocks!


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