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Make Homemade donuts with us

Mardi gras Love with donut

Why do we eat donuts on Mardi Gras ? Love with Donut The word “doughnut” dates from the 13th century. It comes from the word buyne or buigne which means swelling caused by a blow. An imaginative origin!

The beignet is a culinary preparation consisting of coating a cooked or raw food with dough and frying it in oil.

This preparation delicious but quite greasy and love with donut

The last day when you can have a feast before Lent which begins the next day, Ash Wednesday and which will last 40 days… now or never!

What are the different types of donut dough?

In French gastronomy, certain donut doughs, savory or sweet, are classic and referenced. Other more specific ones can vary according to the regions: it is the case of bugnes lyonnaises and croustillons from the north.

for apple fritters, banana or pineapple fritters, prawn fritters and fish such as acras . It is also possible to flavor it with aromatic herbs as for snail fritters .

The tempura . Tempura batter is lighter than regular batter. It is used very cold to make savory fritters of vegetables, fish, shrimp. It is the batter commonly used in Japan. It’s also the one I use for zucchini or acacia flower fritters, for example.

Choux pastry . The choux pastry can be slightly sweetened, it is used to make pets-de-nonne . Salted, we will add cheese or ham for appetizer bites.

Brioche dough . The brioche dough allows you to make Viennese donuts or Berlin balls, donuts and donuts in the oven.

What equipment to use to make donuts?

All you need is:

for cooking: a fryer or a simple saucepan ,

to remove the donuts from frying: a slotted spoon or a spider,

to mop up the excess oil from the donuts after cooking: absorbent paper.

Which oil to choose for frying donuts?

Peanut oil behaves the best in heat, so it is a good oil for frying. Grapeseed oil can also be used, it leaves no particular taste.

What precautions should be taken for frying?

In the case of donuts, the right oil temperature is around 170°C. Do a test before starting your donuts by pouring a small amount of batter into the hot oil: the batter should fall to the bottom of the fryer and rise immediately, swelling, without splashing.

Make sure your deep fryer or saucepan is in the middle of your worktop and not accessible to children. Be careful of splashes of water in the frying oil which cause violent splashes.

For even more delicacy

The sweet donuts can be eaten plain just sprinkled with icing sugar, but you can also push the gluttony by tasting churros dipped in a light chocolate sauce , bugnes accompanied by salted butter caramel and Viennese donuts filled with jam , cream or fruit compote .

The salty donuts, depending on their composition, will be served according to taste with a sweet and sour sauce. Avoid sauces based on mayonnaise, it would be really too much!

The batter . The batter is slightly sweet or salty depending on the purpose. We dip cooked or raw food cut fine for quick cooking. This is the case for apple fritters, banana or pineapple fritters, prawn fritters and fish such as acras . It is also possible to flavor it with aromatic herbs as for snail fritters .


Our delicious beignets recipe is irresistible, especially for its subtle vanilla flavor. Although it is tasty and not very sweet, this recipe remains high in calories due to frying. To make our recipe more healthy and digestible, it is possible to use nutritious flour that contains fiber and micronutrients. Similarly, donuts should be cooked by turning them halfway through cooking to avoid frying. For filling, we choose dark chocolate or fruit compote and traditional jams and spreads.


To imitate “croustillons” (mini-doughnuts from fairs or carnivals), transfer the dough to a pastry bag and divide it with a knife, put it in oil. These delicious donuts can be served hot or cold, and can be enjoyed with melted chocolate instead of icing sugar for a versatile treat!

How to make corn fritters?

There are different ways to make this recipe, some add corn… Others mix it with wheat flour, but add wheat instead of corn. In this recipe, I add wheat flour instead of wheat flour. Wheat flour is used to make the dough rise due to the. Yeast and thus have a soft and flexible dough.

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