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Make a logo for a coffee shop

Coffee is the drink whose taste is remembered by people the most. It’s nice to start the day with a cup of your favorite coffee. The aroma of brewing coffee causes a rush of positive emotions, and the drink itself invigorates and raises the tone. Thanks to the memories of customers about the drink drunk in their favorite coffee shop, business efficiency increases. There is a huge level of competition among such establishments in almost all cities of the world. Therefore, in order to attract new customers, coffee shop owners simply need to pay serious attention to branding. First of all, this applies to the coffee shop logo, the design of which should be remembered by customers.                                                                                 A corporate logo for a coffee shop will become an additional means of attracting customers. High competition forces us to pay more attention to marketing. The coffee shop logo should act correctly, attract the attention of the target audience. It should stand out among countless competitors. 

How do I choose a name

The role of the name is to attract visitors, so it should be non–standard, rare, evoke pleasant associations, reflect the nature of the institution, its “chip”. The name does not necessarily have to be related to the activities of the institution. These can be words or a group of words that evoke pleasant associations or sound beautiful.

How to choose an icon

Using coffee in the logo has become a familiar option. A steaming cup of coffee makes you want to drink it, but it is difficult to surprise the consumer with this approach. We have to improvise, look at the familiar thing from an unexpected side. A coffee drink is made from beans, and they become an object for creating a logo. This element symbolizes naturalness, contrasts a drink from a coffee shop with cheap instant coffee. Icons with coffee beans are diverse, they are easier to pick up without repeating with competitors. Silhouettes of people and animals will also be a good option. A cat with a cup of coffee will cause emotion, this is the optimal solution for the logos of coffee shops where you can chat with cats, this option of establishments is gaining popularity. 

How to choose a color

Brown and beige are standard colors for coffee shops, they evoke warm cozy associations. The color scheme does not necessarily have to match the drink, bold experiments can bring more significant results. Bright colors evoke positive emotions, help you feel safe. Blue, red, green, yellow – colorful decoration promises visitors a pleasant stay.

How to choose a font

The font should reflect the features of the institution. It can be thin or bold, with only lowercase or uppercase letters, printed or handwritten. But remember an important rule – the font should be equally readable on large and small surfaces. Coffee shops in different countries use simple and stylish fonts on logos, characterized by good readability.


If you want to create an unusual, fresh, bright, juicy design for your coffee shop that will set you apart from the crowd of competitors and that your customers will love, do not waste your time in vain – with the help of Turbologa, you can create your logo in a short time without design skills. Take a chance to become unique and don’t be afraid of anything – you will succeed!!!

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