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Tips To Maintain Healthy Drains And Pipes

Maintenance of drains is essential in order to prevent flooding and plumbing catastrophes as well as costly call-outs. If you’re experiencing blocked drains, leaky or burst pipes and other drainage problems preventative measures are the most effective remedy. The process of fixing the issue after it’s occurred is always stressful and costly than taking the necessary steps to maintain the health of your drainage system from the beginning.

We at Tai Irwin have experienced plumbers north shore with years of experience in dealing with plumbing disasters and drainage issues caused by problems that could have been avoided. We’ve put together our top seven tips for drainage maintenance to allow you to extend the life of your drainage system and prevent costly incidents.

1. Learn What Not To Put Down Your Drain

It’s essential to understand what can be harmful to drains. The kitchen drain is among the most often blocked. There may be a washing-up liquid that promises to remove grease, however it’s not effective in removing fat. When you pour fat into the sink of your home, it’ll stick to the sides of your pipes , creating a grease trap , which collects fragments of food and other debris. Then, it causes the drain to become blocked.

Make use of a paper towel to take fat and oil from the pans prior to cleaning them. Keep an empty can near the sink to put cooking oil in after you’ve finished. While avoiding pouring grease and fat in your drain, it is recommended to also be wary of washing food scraps and coffee grounds through the sink as they could become compacted and create blockages.

2. Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Products

It is sometimes difficult to locate the most efficient drain cleaner. Chemical drain cleaners can advertise their amazing results, however they typically don’t tell the complete story. A lot of them are very corrosive due to their aggressive chemicals. As they melt off the blockage that’s been accumulating within the pipes of your home, they’re taking away the linings of the pipes. Pipes that are damaged can cause leaks or even explosions. Find out what are the most effective drain unblockers for various obstructions to avoid this from happening to you.

4. Rinse Your Drains Regularly

Warm soapy water is an excellent method of washing your drains, but without harm: boiling water could harm pipes with weaker connections, therefore it is recommended not to make use of this. Regular rinsing , coupled with not pouring anything other than non-fatty liquids into your drains will aid in preventing blockages and ensure well-maintained drains.

5. Learn How To Unblock Your Drains Properly

With the cleaning chemicals that are heavy it is important to determine the drain unblockers and cleaning methods best for your needs. The well-known vinegar and baking soda mixture is a great way to aid in removing small blockages and get rid of unpleasant smells from your kitchen sink, but not for large blockages. The acidity of soda could cause corrosive effects on pipes, if used too often which is why it’s not recommended to make use of this technique over and over again.

For bathroom drains and shower sinks, you should invest in drain snakes. It is a low-cost, expert tool that will get rid of clogs caused by soap scum and hair easily. To prevent putting excessive hair in the shower drain and assist in general drain maintenance try brushing your hair prior to showering and investing in a good plug holes protector.

6. Make Sure You Know Where Your Stopcock Is

The stopcock turns off the water supply to the mains. For maintenance of your drains it’s essential to be aware of the location in the event of a burst or leaks occur, so you can stop immediately the flow of water and avoid further damage before a professional plumber North Shore steps in. It’s important to shut off your water by turning off the stopcock in case you’re away from your home in the winter months in order to keep pipes from freezing.


Generally speaking, the household drain cleaners or unblockers can only clear half of the obstruction. After you’ve used these products, it may appear as though the pipes are functioning again, however there are often remnants of the pipes that remain on the edges and bottom of the pipes. They will just accumulate again. If you’re finding that your drains are always becoming blocked, you need to call a professional plumber north shore.

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