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Machine Learning And Video Editing: A New Perspective

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was born more than 70 years ago, and today it is part of our homes through devices such as Siri or Alexa, to mention two examples known the most. This powerful tool that little by little will be used more in all kinds of sectors has also given rise to automatic learning or machine learning, an exciting area of knowledge that identifies patterns in data that, among other things, is allowing a new perspective in the area of video creation. If you want to discover how machine learning is changing the world of video editing, stay with us.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning or automatic learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence and computer science that focuses on managing the use of data and algorithms to create analytical models. Systems can learn to identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.

The unstoppable development of new technologies has caused machine learning to undergo a great transformation in recent times. Born from pattern recognition and the idea that computers can learn to perform specific tasks without being programmed, it has been found that when these computers are exposed to new data, they are able to produce reliable results from previous calculations.

Machine learning and video creation

Searching for patterns in data, detecting them, and reacting accordingly, without being explicitly programmed for this to happen, is the basis of machine learning, which is increasingly present in the world of video creation. We already talk about how platforms like Netflix allow their users to benefit from algorithms based on their search history. YouTube is not far behind, aware of everything it can achieve thanks to this technology.

In the middle of 2016, the company announced on its blog the launch of a new mobile design of its initial screen in the iPhone and Android applications, something that may seem like a minor change but that introduced the use of machine learning to revolutionize the world of video creation. And it is that beyond the design change, there was talk of introducing more relevant, personalized recommendations with the aim of helping users discover videos that they liked.

At that time, its product manager, Brian Marquardt, assured us that one of the most important improvements of that update was the suggestion system, considering the content creators that each user liked. In fact, Marquardt stressed that the use of this new algorithm caused more viewing time on mobile devices.

YouTube and machine learning: a golden opportunity

Suppose you are not publishing on channels with thousands of subscribers and want to use your YouTube channel constantly. In that case, you must consider the influence of machine learning to optimize your pieces in the face of a growing trend.

Keep in mind that more than 70% of YouTube views are carried out through mobile devices. If you add to that the fact that more than 400 hours of video are uploaded to the platform per minute, you can draw your own conclusions. In addition, the introduction of this technology was done without many content creators receiving the news since the real headline was the change in the design of the application, hiding the real repercussions by talking about deep neural network technology with which to continue learning and improving. You would have stayed the same, right?

How to optimize your videos on YouTube

The increase in visibility time announced by Marquardt means that the changes introduced are working, influencing both new videos and the revitalization of content in subscriptions. The bottom line is that the platform focuses on the amount of time a user has spent watching a video. By obtaining this data, they will know what content they really enjoy, compared to those that become simple visits that leave instantly.

Therefore, viewing time is a key metric that you should monitor, and that should help you understand that the videos that get the most viewing time are prioritized over those that get the most visits. That means that the videos that take the most viewing time will be the ones that YouTube suggests. This makes app users click more often, and content creators get better audiences.

We give you some tips to optimize your videos and obtain longer viewing times from the changes introduced in machine learning :

1# Analyze the results of your videos

Access the reports of each of your videos to know which ones have the longest viewing time and a high percentage of visits. With this, you will be able to understand which ones are giving you the best (and worst) results, as well as when the dropouts are taking place, and study what happens at those times for this to happen.

We also recommend that you analyze which videos get more participation from your audience, analyzing likes and comments.

2# Take care of title and thumbnail

The video title and thumbnail are the first elements a viewer sees when a piece is recommended to them. That is why you should try to design attractive thumbnails that describe what is going to be found in it, convincing titles that summarize the topic in question, and consider the possibility of using translations in your descriptions, as well as the use of subtitles that your own community can create. And get better.

3 # Work the attraction of the viewer

Do it with a video start in style and try to keep your users’ attention at all times. In each video, you must encourage those who see you subscribe to your channel and activate notifications so that they are notified when you upload new videos. Creating playlists is also a great idea!

Don’t forget to encourage the use of comments, and don’t leave a single one unanswered so that the interaction with your audience is continuous and a plus to have you close. Also, send your metadata (title, tags, and description) so that the video is indexed correctly.

4# Schedule your content

Finally, remember to organize a publication calendar that allows you to schedule each video, keeping in mind what the month is going to be like on your channel. Post long, value-adding videos and set up a primary video that introduces your channel and organization.

Similarly, study a regular posting schedule that allows your most loyal audience to visit you for news and get their reward. Make use of the programming options offered by YouTube for this.


As you can see, machine learning is also changing the world regarding video creation. Put all these tips into practice, and you will notice the difference. We look forward to having your feedback in a comment where you tell us what you think of this post. And, if you liked it, we encourage you to share it on your social media profiles.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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