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Lumbar back pain-causes & symptoms

Back pain is a very common problem across the globe. Four out of every five people suffer from back pain. It can be a mild pain to chronic pain. Back pain hinders the normal activities of life and thus require attention. Generally, the back pain is classified as cervical pain, the sacral pain, the thoracic pain and the lumbar back pain based on the region of the spinal cord that is affected. Among these variants of back pain, the most common backpain is the lower back pain also known as the lumbar back pain.

Lower portion of the body undergoes more strain and stress as it supports the entire upper body. Hence it is more prone to muscle tear, strain, spasms causing lower back pain. This article lists the leading causes and the symptoms associated with the lower back pain.

Lumbar Spine & its role

The body spinal cord ends at a structure known as the lumbar spine. This lumbar spine comprises of interconnected bones, nerves, ligaments, joints and muscles that function together to support the body upper part. This portion provides the strength, mobility and flexibility to the body. It is due to this lumbar spine one is able to bend, twist and stand properly. The muscles at the lumbar spine helps in rotating the portion of the hips while walking and support the spinal column. The nerves present in this area power the muscles and thus provide the necessary sensation at the pelvic region, and the sensation to legs and feet.

But this lower back spinal region is prone to injury, tear, strain and can suffer from pain known as lower back pain or the lumbar pain. The lower back pain can be mild to severe pain that hinders the mobility of the person.


Lower back pain symptoms may vary from person to person. Some of the most common symptoms that indicate the presence of lumbar or low back pain are as follows:

  • Having dull pain in the low back region
  • Having burning sensation or stinging sensation in the low back region to the region of thighs. Some times there might be numbness in lower legs indicating sign of sciatica.
  • Having pain that increases after longer periods of standing or sitting
  • Facing problems while walking, standing up straight
  • Tightness or stiffness in the region of lower back, hips and pelvis

If you witness any such above condition it is recommended to consult doctors for lower back pain treatment.

Symptoms which require immediate doctor consultation

But lower back pain can turn out chronic or can indicate a serious medical condition. In case if you notice any of the following symptoms it is recommended to seek doctor advice immediately:

  • Facing bowel issues like unable to control bowel movements
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Experiencing weight loss without diet or exercise
  • Unbearable pain in abdomen
  • Injury
  • Unable to move or sleep

Chronic low back pain is when the pain exists for more than 3 months period and the natural healing process of the body fails to provide any relief. It also includes other problems like disc issues, joint problems, nerve issues. Difficulty while sleeping, depression and anxiety are common symptoms associated with chronic back pain. Doctors for lower back pain treatment must be consulted immediately to avoid further problems.


The causes for the lower back pain can vary. Some of the leading causes are as follows:

  • Tear of muscle due to stretching causing strains
  • Sprains caused due to over-stretching or muscular tear. It can be due to lifting of heavy weight, falling, etc.
  • Having a poor posture for longer period
  • Injuries in sports or accident that causes twists or strains
  • Due to lumbar herniated disc. The lumbar disc can get damaged through its outer layer and that can cause nerve irritation, inflammation, nerve compression and thus pain.
  • Having a degenerative disc disease: Lossing of water by discs in due course of time due to wear and tear. Due to the loss of water the disc is unable to resist the force and thus can cause tearing of the disc leading to herniation and pain.
  • Problem of sacroiliac joint dysfunction: a joint that connects the spinal cord bottom to each side of the pelvis the sacroiliac joint is known to absorb shocks and stress. But if it gets inflamed it can cause serious low back pain.
  • Spinal stenosis: In this condition the spinal canal wherein the nerve roots are placed gets narrowed causing nerve compression and irritation leading to low back pain.
  • The problem of spondylolisthesis: In this condition the vertebra gets slipped over the other adjacent vertebra and causes pain. This requires urgent medical attention as in some cases it can be life-threatening.
  • Fracture or trauma: Fracture due to fall, fracture due to weaken bones, can cause dislocations of spines or other bone related conditions causing low back pain and thus require immediate attention.
  • Osteoarthritis: It is the inflammation of the joints and is the common form of arthritis. It causes inflammation, pain, stenosis and hinders the movement of body.

Apart from the above there might be spine tumours, deformities, structural problems that can cause lower back pain. Millions of people are affected due to low back pain. There are numerous ways of treating lower back pain. It includes natural ways through physiotherapy, Chirotherapy, to non-surgical ways like medication, braces, injections, Hands-on manipulation. In some cases, there is a need of surgery like decompression surgery, lumbar spinal fusion surgery, etc. The choice of the treatment shall vary from person condition and thus, it is advices to consult best doctors for lower back pain treatment in your region. Best treatments can not only provide relief from pain, but shall also help you to enjoy your life.


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