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Log Cabin Or A Log Home?

Each year thousands of Americans dream of living in a log cabin or a log home. Which one depends on your needs, wants, budget, and perhaps its location. There are some essential differences between the two, and whether you want to buy or build one of them.

The current trend for log cabin and log home construction is using pine or cedar log siding. This cost-effective way of owning or building allows more people to live in one. With today’s higher interest rates and housing prices, this is simply a great deal! Full log construction costs much more for materials and labor. Thousands enjoy the full log look without the full log price with log siding. Let’s look at some ideas to help you decide whether to own a log cabin or a home.

Log Cabin Versus Home: What Owners Say

Many people think of a log cabin and log home as the same thing but there are a few distinctions. Others may say that both are homes but homes are larger than cabins. Some think there is a gray area between the definitions of the two. You may have a slightly different view.

Opinions of the two are typically based on cost, size, purpose, owners’ past experiences, and where they are located. If you want a part-time living dwelling, a log cabin is for you. If you want a full-time living dwelling, then build or buy a log home. Many of today’s log homes are custom-built whereas many cabin layouts follow standard or stock plans.

Log Cabin Versus Home: A Look At Cabins

Most owners think of log cabins as smaller structures than log homes that are 1,500 square feet or less. Cabins tend to be cozier with multi-use areas and owners consider them as:

  • Temporary residences for vacations or weekend get-aways
  • Places they may rent instead of own for recreational experiences
  • Less expensive places to live
  • Places for country-side living
  • Less modern perhaps but not necessarily
  • Having smaller bath and bedrooms

If cabins have a second floor, they typically consist of lofts for sleeping and storage. Cabins may provide less privacy and conveniences than larger log homes. 

“The current trend for log cabin and log home construction is using                              pine or cedar log siding. This cost-effective way of owning or                                      building allows more people to own one.”

Log Home Characteristics That Owners Like

As a recap, most of us think of log homes as larger and fancier dwellings than cabins. Log homes generally possess expanded floor plans with additional rooms, offsets, alcoves, extensions, or projections beyond the basic layout. You can be creative and add these specialized areas:

  • Exercise room
  • Theater/TV room
  • Personal office
  • Children’s play area
  • Separate dining area
  • Guest bedroom

Other differences may include larger or more windows, front and rear porches, vaulted or cathedral ceilings, or open roof trusses. Log siding homes are typically made with the same materials as log cabins, just more of them. 

Determine Your Personal or Family Needs

To help decide whether to build or buy a log cabin or log home, first consider your personal or family needs. These decisions are critical because you may live there for a long time.

  • How many people will be living there and for how long?
  • Where will your cabin or home be located?
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want?
  • Will the common area or great room be extensive or simple?
  • How large will the kitchen and dining area be?
  • Do you want all the modern conveniences everyone enjoys?

Allow each person who will be living there an opportunity to provide input on their needs and wants. The result will be a happier living experience for everyone and don’t forget to think about a possible guest room.

When Costs Meet Reality

Now we are down to the nitty-gritty, and this is critical because you do not want to financially over-extend yourself. It is the time to separate the “wants” from the “needs” and put them into perspective. Your first consideration should be the building or purchasing budget followed by:

  • How much do you have for a down payment?
  • How good is your credit score?
  • The interest rate and length of the mortgage
  • Can you make the monthly payment?
  • How much will property taxes cost?
  • How about homeowners insurance?

Add a little into each month’s budget for some remodeling or repairs in the future. Based on the overall cost, will one of you need to work more to afford your dream log cabin or home? Most of us end up making some changes when the costs meet the reality of what we are doing. Can we live with downsizing some of our plans? Be flexible and be prepared to make a few sacrifices to get most of what you want and need.

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