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List of Target School for Investment Banks

Unsurprisingly, the investment banking target schools include some of the world’s most prestigious universities. Investment banking has been shrouded by mystery for many years. The very word conjures images of high-powered transactions and fast-paced lives. What does it take to be an investment banker in the real world? There is no perfect answer. However, certain schools tend to produce more bankers. These “target schools,” as they are called, have rigorous academics and strong alumni networks. They also have established relationships with top-tier banks. Attending one of these schools will give you an advantage if you are serious about working in the investment banking industry.

This article will examine some of the world’s most prestigious target schools of investment banking. You will get some advice on how to break into this field, even if you don’t attend or have yet to graduate from these target schools.

What are the Target Schools for Investment Banking?

Top financial institutions often consider specific colleges and universities as their target schools for investment banks. These schools are known to produce many graduates who excel in investment banking. Attending a targeted school will increase your odds of landing a position in this highly competitive industry.

Investment banks choose target schools based on their academic strength, reputation and success in producing investment banking professionals. These schools have established relationships with leading financial firms, making it easier for students and graduates to find internships and full-time jobs.

Investment Banking Target Schools

It can be challenging to get a job in investment banking due to the high level of competition. Attending a school that specializes in investment banking is highly beneficial. These schools are top-rated and offer students a variety of resources and opportunities. These resources include access to recruiters and exclusive interview preparation workshops. They can also have courses that prepare you for an investment banking career path.

1. Non-Ivy League Target Schools

There are many reputable non-Ivy League colleges that students can consider. The University of Chicago and Duke University are among the best-respected non-Ivy League investment banking schools.

These schools offer investment banking programs and offer students numerous opportunities to become involved in the industry via internships and networking. For example, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business has a dedicated team of career services that helps students secure full-time jobs and internships in investment banking.

2. French Target Schools

France is a country with a long history of finance. It is, therefore, no surprise that it has some of the best investment banking programs in Europe. HEC Paris, the Ecole des Hautes Études Commerciales de Paris and other institutions are renowned for producing the best graduates in this field.

French investment banking schools combine academic rigor with practical experience. Students get real-world experience through internships, guest lectures, and case studies. These schools also have strong ties to the French financial industry, giving students ample opportunity to network and find internships or full-time jobs.

3. Indian Target Schools

India also has a growing finance industry. Its top schools offer excellent opportunities for anyone looking to break into the investment banking sector in this region. Indian Institute of Management is considered one of the top business schools in India, with a strong finance program. The postgraduate program in management offers a finance specialization to prepare students for careers as investment bankers.

4. Ivy League Institutions

Columbia University, Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania all rank as top Ivy League schools for investment banking. These schools are known for producing graduates who work in some of the most prestigious banks around the world.

Columbia Business School, located in Columbia, offers one of the best investment banking programs. Students will be exposed to a rigorous finance, accounting and economics program. The program provides students various resources, including career services and networking events.

5. German Target Schools

Germany also has some of the best investment banking schools in the entire world. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and the University of Mannheim are two schools with a reputation for producing highly sought-after graduates by top investment banking firms.

German investment banking programs focus on analytical and numerical skills vital in investment banking. The students are taught financial modeling, risk management, and valuation techniques. German schools have also developed close links with Germany’s financial sector, which allows students to gain valuable experience through internships or networking events.


Around the globe, several schools specialize in investment banking. These schools offer a high-quality education and the chance to be successful. Students can gain the knowledge and skills to enter the investment banking world by attending these schools. This guide should have given you the information to choose the right target school based on your career goals, preferences and interests

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