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Latest Tips to Acquiring Your Azure Certification in 2023

The cloud platforms offered by Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are undergoing continuous development, and the rapid expansion of the business has had a corresponding impact on the expansion of the IT market. To get the most out of your investment in the cloud, software-defined data centres demand an exceptionally high level of design and implementation expertise. This, in turn, causes gaps in the IT skill level. This need for qualified Azure Certification workers is a challenge for the market, but it could be an opportunity for you.

Why is it necessary for me to become certified in Microsoft Azure?

There is a significant demand for information technology experts with experience and expertise in Azure. Even though the days of the paper MCSE have long since passed, obtaining a Microsoft certification is an absolute must, particularly for something as complicated as Azure. IT workers who wish to work with Azure Certification must have up-to-date training and certifications, in addition to continually updating their knowledge. Keeping up with the most recent technological advances is not only doable. Still, it will guarantee that you have the abilities necessary to become an expert on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Training for the Azure Certification Exam

Here are some of the official support resources that Microsoft offers, in addition to the Pluralsight and A Cloud Guru courses that will take you on a deep dive into. These courses will dive deep into Azure on everything from designing a hybrid cloud to building global apps.

Materials from the Official Microsoft Courses

Beginning your Azure training with either the typical Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) or the Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand (MOC On-Demand) is a good idea. Both of these options are offere by Microsoft. There is a MOC available for each of the examinations that are include in the various certification paths, and these MOCs are often taught in a classroom setting. Learners more comfortable studying in an online environment might take advantage of Microsoft’s MOOC (Microsoft Online Official Curriculum). I have made the Massive Open Online Course (I’ve always appreciated the use of acronyms by Microsoft).

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Through its Microsoft Virtual Academy, Microsoft not only provides several helpful courses for IT professionals and developers, but it also provides eBooks (MVA). The Microsoft Exam Readiness Zone is also an excellent location to look for study materials.

MSDN and Azure docs

Recent months have seen a significant amount of effort put in by Microsoft toward improving the company’s documentation for Azure Admin customers. Most crucially, the documentation is now made available concurrently with the new features rather than several weeks afterwards. A quick search will yield the results you require in the majority of instances.

2023 Azure Certifications

Azure certification has made some substantial enhancements. The current number of certificates that Microsoft offers for Azure is 26. We have categorised them according to the role so that you can find the appropriate certifications. After completing the levels, you will prepare for a role in cloud computing and administration, which will offer you a good insight into the use cases for Azure.

Associate of the Azure Database Administrator Role

Examines the candidate’s ability to administer cloud-native and hybrid data analytics solution deployments using Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure Data Services.

An Associate in Security Operations Analysis

This certificate proves to employers that an engineer has a professional understanding of corporate security solutions in the cloud environment. These solutions include attack response, threat reporting and prevention, and making enhancements to organisational security.

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