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Latest GST Portal Updates – Taxmill

The functioning of the Goods and Services Tax Portal, which is sometimes referred to as the GST Portal on occasion, has recently undergone some recent modifications, which include the introduction of certain new features. Form updates, improved accessibility to data, and a host of other things are among them. A summary of all of the most current modifications to the Goods and Services Tax registration may be found in the following paragraphs.

Taxpayers now have access to information pertaining to the year 2017.

In recent days, a great deal of worry has been produced as a direct result of the fact that taxpayers have suddenly been unable to see and download data of July 2017 returns from the GST website. The GST network responded to taxpayers’ concerns by publishing the following statement, which can be seen on their website: “Facility to see, file, and download returns of the period July 2017 has been restored on the site,” it says. “July 2017 returns may again be viewed, filed, and downloaded.” As a result of the ROD order No.01/2020, the function that gives taxpayers the ability to resubmit revocation applications after having them rejected has been operational from the 6th of August, 2020. Discover more online gst registration in mumbai.

New options on the GSTR-9 form for filing returns

It has been decided to make it possible for taxpayers to download details on invoices that have been included in the annual return form known as GSTR-9. This is a move that would bring a great deal of comfort to taxpayers and was a step that has been determined to make. Previously, financial figures were the sole kind of information that could be seen in Table 8A under the GSTR9 heading. Since of this, it became very challenging to use as data when a taxpayer wished to make a reconciliation claim because they were unable to produce a breakup of the bills. As a result, it became practically impossible to utilize as data. Because of this, it was almost impossible to use as data.

Individuals and tax specialists alike have reported having difficulty completing their annual returns for the fiscal year 2017-2018 owing to the same problem. This difficulty was experienced while filing taxes. However, this issue has been resolved, and now taxpayers may see and download an invoice-by-invoice breakdown of their input tax credit via the Table 8A portion of the tax law. This was previously unavailable to taxpayers.

The GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B records are going to be connected so that input tax credit and obligation may be determined.

An additional action that is being taken by the GSTN to prevent fraudulent claims for input tax credit that are being made using false invoices is the installation of an invoice matching system that will be included into the GSTN. This system will be a part of the GSTN. The input tax credit and the responsible party will both be determined by this mechanism.

Under the current system, taxpayers are required to file three different types of tax returns: the GSTR-1 for outward deliveries, the GSTR-3B, which is a summary report for sales and input tax credit, and the GSTR-2A, which is a return connected to purchase-related taxes. These three separate returns are grouped together and referred to as the GSTR. One of the many papers that are generated in an automatic method by the GST site is a form called the GSTR-2A. When a seller submits their GSTR-1 form, the information is instantly obtained in their GSTR-2A form. As a result of this, the information is immediately collected.

The fact that GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B are not linked, however, means that taxpayers are allowed to submit a variety of values. This implies that taxpayers run the risk of making mistakes or even providing false invoice data. This is due to the fact that taxpayers are permitted to declare values that vary from one another. This will now be correct, and the two return forms will now be connected, giving taxpayers access to a system-generated feature for automatically entering information from the GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B forms. It is expected that this new project would auto-populate returns, which will cut down on the possibility of making mistakes, make it simpler to reconcile accounts, and make it easier to comply with rules.

The load handling capacity of the GST Portal has also been improved during this period, increasing from being able to manage 150,000 taxpayers to being able to handle 300,000 taxpayers at one point in time. Previously, the GST Portal was only able to handle 150,000 taxpayers. This was done in order to aid in minimizing the issues that may arise during peak hours for the filing of tax returns.

GSTR-2B is going to be implemented in order to collect ITC

Another measure that will soon be implemented in order to cut down on the amount of fraudulent applications for input tax credit (ITC) is the rollout of the GSTR-2B form, which will be required in order to make a claim for that credit. A claim for an input tax credit must now be made on the basis of a self-declaration, which often leads to a mismatch and, subsequently, increasing instances of reconciliation. In its present form, the claim for an input tax credit must be made. To acquire credit in GSTR-3B within a month, according to the new procedure, GSTR-2B will be generated on the basis of GSTR-1 that is filed by counter-party suppliers between two due dates. This will be done in order to obtain credit. After that, you may submit a claim for this credit.

The spread of the disease has been the primary factor in the postponement, abandonment, and modification of a number of initiatives that were related to indirect taxation. On the other side, it is predicted that the GSTN will make a strong comeback with new programming to ease tax compliance while simultaneously preventing tax fraud from getting out of hand. This is because the GSTN was designed to combat both of these issues simultaneously.

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