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Laptop repair guide is a brief introduction of how you can diagnose and repair a dead laptop. Known or apparent issues are simple to troubleshoot and diagnose.  Diagnosing a completely dead laptop is far more difficult and challenging. In this guide I will go through some simple steps of how you can eliminate and diagnose the fault. You will need to be patient, because ninety percent of any technical work is in finding the fault. Other ten perfent is replacing the faulty component.

One of the most common reasons why macbook repaired in Canada. fail is because people try to fix their laptops on their own. While it is possible to do some simple repairs on your own, it is generally not advisable to attempt complex repairs without the help of a professional.


Surprisingly most problems are related to faulty or dead charger. Broken charge port or faulty or dead battery. This step is highly important and should not be skipped. Faulty battery can easily short out the motherboard and prevent the laptop from booting. Same case applies also for dead batteries especially with laptop repair. Check to see if the correct wall charger is used. Underneath the laptop there are power input specifications and if these don’t match the charger your dead laptop will not turn on. Disconnection the internal battery is another good option to see if the the battery is the cause. Lastly charging port should be checked. Laptop uses Magsafe connector on older laptops and USB-C connector on newer models.

Models with Magsafe connector have indiction lights. Green light on magasafe is displayed when the battery is full. Orange light is displayed when the battery is charging. If no light is displayed it could well be a charge port issue. Charge port is ususally mounted on the I/O boards on retina models and is a seperate unit on all LCD models. Replacing the I/O board for a faulty magsafe charge port can be costly.


Display is sometimes neglected when troubleshooting. For example your Laptop may be fully functional without any visual. So you may think that you have a dead laptop. Screen damage generally happens via physical damage or liquid spill. Perhaps checking to see if you get an external display can confirm this. Backlight is another common issue affecting all users. Laptop will chime but you will have no visual. Shining a torch or light on the back Logo can show you that the display is working however backlight IC or backlight circutry is affected. Backlight can be repaired without the need of replacing the screen.


Keyboard which has sustained some liquid will also prevent your laptop from booting. Power button on laptops are on the keyboard. When a keyboard is faulty and you are pressing the power on button your laptop won’t turn on. As soon as you notice that your mac book is not working contact your laptop repair service immediately. Because when a liquid is spilled over the keyboard this liquid makes it’s way through the logic board causing your laptop more damage. SSD which is fault may also prevent your laptop from working.


Over the past few years we have seen some sort of liquid on dead laptops. Any liquid is corrosive be it water or wine. Over period of time when left unattended corrosion process starts. Logic board is where is liquid affects the laptops the most. Repairing thousands of logic boards has shown us that time is the enemy of all liquid spills. Laptop repair liquid spill treatment is best when applied within the first 24-48 hours. High success rates are recorded when treated within this period. Water damage and liquid spill requires Laptop repair specialist and shall never be attempted by anyone else. Due to its technical difficulties of the work.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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