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Land-Based Fishing In Australia

There’s no doubt that fishing is a popular pastime all over the world. But what about fishing from land? Is this something you might consider? If so, check out land-based fishing in Australia. From its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters to its unrivaled fishing opportunities, this country has something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a more immersive experience, explore guided fishing tours. Australia is currently the world’s leading producer of saltwater fish, so there’s no better place to get your hands on some fresh seafood than here.

So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, land-based fishing in Australia is sure to please.

What is land-based fishing?

Fishing from land is a popular activity in Australia. There are many different ways to fish from land, and each has 

Its advantages and disadvantages. 

One of the most common methods of fishing from land is using a waterways rod and reel. This is because waterways offer various habitats and depths, making them perfect for fishing with a traditional rod and reel. 

Another method of fishing from land is using a fly rod. Fly rods are designed specifically for fishing on land and are often much lighter than traditional rods. This makes them easier to maneuver, which can be helpful when hunting for fish in tight spaces. 

Finally, there are fishing methods that are best suited for specific types of fish. For example, anglers who want to catch trout often use the fly fishing gear instead of traditional tackle.

Types of land-based fishing

A number of different types of land-based fishing can be done in Australia. Some popular methods are spearfishing, flyfishing, casting for salmon and trout, and trolling for white bait. 

Spearfishing is one of the most popular forms of land-based fishing in Australia. Spearfishing is especially popular among tourists because it is relatively easy to do, requiring little to no experience or training.

To spearfish, you place the spear into the water and hold onto the handle while pressing the launch button on the spear’s side. You then wait until your prey comes within range before hitting it with the spear. 

Fly Fishing is another common form of land-based fishing in Australia. Fly fishing involves casting a line into freshwater or saltwater waterways using an artificial fly or a fly rod. To fish with an artificial fly, you tie a cloth onto the end of your line and throw it into the water.

Fly fishing aims to catch fish by attracting them with your artificial fly instead of using a spear or hook. Fly rods use a line with a weighted end that spins when waved in the water to create motion that imparts momentum to a bait fish or insect on the back of your line. This movement often results in a successful catch. 

Casting for salmon and trout is another popular form of land-based fishing in Australia. Salmon and trout are two common species that can be

How to fish land-based

There are plenty of different fishing methods you can use to land a fish in Australia. Some popular ones include:

-Fishing from a bridge, bank, or pier

-Trolling for sea bass, bream, and barramundi

-Casting for kingfish, tuna, and other large fish in open water

-Picking up a line from a fisherman’s net

Fishing tips for land-based fishing

Many people think of fishing when they think of Australia, but plenty of other activities can be enjoyed on the land, such as camping, hiking, and fishing. Fishing can be a great way to relax and enjoy nature.

When fishing from land, it is essential to have a plan. Please list the types of fish you are looking for and the areas where they commonly occur. Then research which waters have the fish you want and plan your trip accordingly.

When fishing from land, it is essential to remember a few basics: 

– Casting is critical – Get your line out as far as possible before working the rod tip back towards the boat. This will keep your bait in front of any potential predators or prey. 

– Try different baits – Different baits will work in different environments, so experiment until you find something that catches fish. 

– Be patient – When fishing from land, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of the moment and forget to take things slow. If you’re waiting for a big fish, don’t expect it to show up immediately – patience is key!

Australian freshwater fishing spots

Australia is known for its oceans, but there are plenty of freshwater spots to land fish. Here are five Australian freshwater fishing spots that are well worth checking out! 

1. Wollongong – This city on the south coast of NSW is home to some great fishing spots, including a section of the Hawkesbury River known for producing big bream and giant carp.

2. Cairns – The Gordon River is another excellent spot for anglers in Queensland. This river has abundant supplies of salmon and trout, making it perfect for flyfishing enthusiasts. 

3. Canberra – The National Capital Region (NCR) in Australia’s mainland provides an excellent opportunity to fish for trout in the Murrumbidgee and Goulburn Rivers. 

4. Melbourne – Victoria’s capital city offers fantastic bass fishing opportunities along the Yarra River, which flows through the heart of Melbourne. And don’t forget to check out nearby Phillip Island for sea bass fishing action! 

5. Sydney – If you’re looking to catch some barramundi, head down to Broken Hill in western New South Wales or Darwin on the north coast for prime freshwater fishing territory!

Australian saltwater fishing spots

Australian saltwater fishing spots are some of the most diverse and thrilling in the world. From tropical coral reefs to vast open oceans, Australian saltwater fishing boasts various options for anglers of all skill levels.

The Great Barrier Reef offers world-class diving and snorkeling opportunities and some of the best fishing for tuna, marlin, whiting, and other big fish worldwide. Anglers can access many different reefs from various locations throughout the reef system, making it easy to find what they’re looking for without traveling long distances.

Inland rivers and lakes offer equally excellent fishing opportunities, with trout, bream, and other freshwater species being plentiful. Many lakes also provide good bass fishing thanks to putridity levels that attract large numbers of prey fish. The Murray-Darling River system is Australia’s most renowned freshwater fishery and offers great flyfishing opportunities for largemouth bass, catfish, and more.

Australia’s coastline is also home to some of the country’s most significant saltwater fish reserves, including Port Stephens off the New South Wales coast and Fraser Island off Queensland’s coast. These areas provide excellent opportunities for spearfishing, trolling, or bottom fishing for big bream, tuna, and marlin.


If you’re interested in land-based fishing in Australia, there are a few things that you should be aware of. For one, the seasons for land-based fishing vary depending on where you are located – so it’s essential to check with your local fisheries department to find out when the best fish are. Additionally, you’ll need different gear to catch some of the more prominent species of fish that live down under. Please look at our land-based fishing gear selection and see which set fits your needs the best.

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