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Know the Importance of Intellectual Property Rights for Researchers

Intellectual property rights are the rights that can help protect the creations of the mind, often literary or artistic work, symbols, images, inventions and many more. If you create or form a product, find a new drug or publish a book, intellectual property rights can help ensure that you benefit from your work.

Intellectual property laws can protect your work or creation from unfair use by others. In this blog, you will learn more about the importance of intellectual property rights, types of intellectual property rights and other important rights.

What Are the Types of Intellectual Property Rights?

There are two essential types of intellectual property rights, and they are as follows:

  • Industrial property
  • Copyrights and related rights

Copyrights provide the authors with the right to protect their work, and by copyrighting their work, you will ensure that others should not use it without the permission.

  • A trademark is a unique sign that can help identify a product or a service. It can be a single word or a combination of words/numbers. Symbols, 3-D signs or drawings can constitute a trademark. For example, Google is a famous trademark, and the application can be filed at national or regional levels based on the extent of protection needed.
  • A patent is considered an exclusive right to an invention that can introduce a new solution or technique. If you are the patent owner, you will be the only individual who can manufacture, sell, distribute or commercially use the product.

Patents are granted to people for 20 years. An example of a patented invention is a technology that can help power self-driving cars. You must be aware of the biotechnology patent law while getting to know more about patents.

  • A geographical indication usually states that a product belongs to a particular region or has a quality/reputation due to that region. Olive oil is a product that is safeguarded by a geographical indication.
  • An industrial design is responsible for making a product look attractive and unique. These can also include 3-D or 2-D features, and the shape of a Coca-Cola bottle can be considered an excellent example of industrial design.

What Must You Know About Intellectual Property Rights or IPR?

Before you search for an intellectual property law firm, you must know more about intellectual property rights. These rights are usually governed by the WIPO ( World Intellectual Property Organization). WIPO aims to harmonize global policy and also protect IPR across borders.

Most researchers rely upon their published work to make a new hypothesis or to support their findings. As a researcher, you must ensure that you do not infringe the owner’s copyrights or author of the published work such as figures, data or images.

While referring to a research paper or a book chapter, you must ensure to provide proper credit and avoid any form of plagiarism with the use of effective paraphrasing, quoting the needed content and summarizing. Before you hire intellectual property lawyers, you must remember that plagiarism is considered serious misconduct.

You must also cite the original work in your manuscript. It is said that copyright covers data, figures, images and many more. Authors must get permission to use copyrighted images before using them in a thesis or manuscript.

You must decide whether you want to patent or publish and check the local IPR laws. The IPR laws usually vary based on regions and countries. In the United States, patents are generally not granted for any idea that has already been published. This is why the researchers are advised to file a patent before publishing any paper on their invention.

IPR and Collaborative Research

IPR laws are also known to impact international research collaboration. Researchers require national differences to be considered when planning for any global teamwork or cooperation. For instance, researchers in the US or Japan who usually collaborate with researchers in the EU have to agree to restrict publication or public disclosure before filing a patent.

Before hiring an intellectual property lawyer in Perth, you must learn more about an ideal collaboration. A perfect partnership can help provide everyone with the most ownership of patent rights. Many entities can help specialize in organizing international research collaborations.

What is Known as Intellectual Property Rights?

Intellectual property rights are the rights provided to people over the creations of their minds for a specific time. Intellectual property rights are usually divided into two important areas:

  • Copyright and rights that are related to copyright

Before typing an intellectual property lawyer near me to search for a lawyer, you must know more about the rights and rights linked to copyright. The rights of literary and artistic works are protected by copyright for at least 50 years after the death of the author. Copyrights and other related rights also protect the rights of performers.

  • Industrial property

It can be divided into important areas, namely:

  1. An area can be characterized as the protection of distinctive signs, in particular, trademarks and geographical locations.
  2. The other types of industrial property are protected mainly to stimulate innovation, design and the creation of technology. In this category are inventions (protected by patents), industrial designs and trade secrets.

Contact Property Lawyers Perth

If you are looking to opt for or know more about your intellectual property rights for a specific property of your creation, you can choose to hire top lawyers. Contact Property lawyers Perth WA to access top intellectual property lawyers to help you further protect your creation or fight against copyright issues.

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