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Know about the all-new 2023 Genesis GV60

The 2023 Genesis GV60 is a remarkable-looking electric car that will rival any of its competitors. Genesis has brought a touch of luxury to the electric vehicle segment; this is why more people are interested in this vehicle than its competitors. If you want to get yourself one or simply check it out for real, then visit Wayne Genesis dealer. However, to know just the specs, simply check out the details mentioned below.

Electric powertrain

The company has mentioned that three different powertrains will be available for this vehicle. However, during launch, the only one available will be the dual motors AWD version. The Advanced trim will create 314 horsepower, while GV60’s Performance version will make 429 horses. However, the Performance variant can offer 483 hp temporarily through its Boost mode of driving.

Hence, Boost mode is equipped, and this vehicle will reach 0-60 mph within 3.7 seconds only, Moreover, this vehicle performs well enough to offer more refined handling than any vehicle in this segment. In addition, the advanced trim is expected to offer a mileage of 86 MPGe on highways and 103 MPGe in cities.

Battery pack and range

All models come with a battery pack of 77.4 kWh; nevertheless, the Performance model will provide a driving range of 235 miles, while the Advanced trim will offer 248 miles. Though it is not confirmed yet, a rumor suggests that a new RWD system trim might join this line-up, which will offer an even better driving range than these.

The GV60 can be easily charged using a fast-charging DC station; this fast-charging capability can charge the battery from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes. Other charging options are also available; however, for those details, one should visit Wayne Genesis dealership.

Interior details

This is the smallest SUV from Genesis and thus, offers less space than other cars from this manufacturer. However, it still offers ample space when compared to other vehicles in this category. Also, its unique design helps people to feel and experience its high-tech appearance and features.

Some of the cool aspects of this car are the gear selector’s ability to be upside down when it is parked, crustal ball appearance, etc. Also, its facial recognition tech allows an owner of this vehicle to unlock as well as start it without using the key. Moreover, a biometric system is placed to ensure easy access to the system and more.


The Advanced model is priced at $60,415 and the Performance trim costs $69,415. It will depend on your preference along with the requirements of certain features to get the one that is ideally suited. Therefore, the best way to decide that is to visit a dealership and check it out yourself.

The overall reports, design of this vehicle, and other details show that it is, without a doubt, one of the best electric vehicles that are currently available. Hence, to be sure of its mesmerizing looks, performance, comfort, etc. one should simply take a test drive of this car. So, hurry and book your spot!

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Uneeb Khan
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