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What is the approximate cost of knee replacement surgery in India?

The Indian medical industry provides people from throughout the world with a wide range of affordable treatment options. It offers world-class facilities and highly skilled surgeons who cater to successful orthopaedic surgery.

For instance, if we discuss knee surgery, 85 to 90 percent of complete knee replacement treatments usually have a 10 to 15 year success rate. However, the patient’s general health may also have a role.

Globally, there has been a rise in demand for knee replacement surgery throughout time. The price of such procedures has increased along with the demand for them, making it one of the main worries.

A single knee replacement procedure (unilateral knee surgery with an implant authorised by the US FDA) can cost between USD 4,200 and 7,500 in India. In a similar vein, bilateral knee replacement will set you back between USD 8400 to $13,000. The patient must stay in the hospital for around 5 days for treatment and spend two to three weeks recovering outside of the hospital. The bundle includes medications, hotel rental, operation charge, implant cost, and test fees. The patient must set aside money for the costs associated with living outside the hospital, even if the cost of the patient’s stay (together with one attendant) is included in the package. Compared to daily meals, which should cost about USD 10 per person, pleasant accommodations and breakfasts are available in budget hotels and guest homes starting at USD 20 per day. Transport, prescription drugs, and physiotherapy  are other reasonably priced expenses.

Indian knee replacements are the world’s most affordable and of the highest quality. The hospitals in India feature skilled medical professionals, cutting-edge equipment, and facilities that will provide you a successful knee replacement. People from all over the world travel to India for their medical treatments since the country offers affordable care. People don’t have to wait for their turn in India. Instead, patients can schedule a surgery whenever it is necessary.

What determines the price of Knee Replacement Surgery and the

Type of Implant

The type of knee replacement implant effectively raises the cost threshold. Indian and foreign implants are the two primary types. Indian implants are less expensive than those from other countries, but the quality varies proportionally. However, the patient’s weight, level of physical activity, and general health might also affect how long the implants last.

experienced physicians

The second element that drives up the price of knee replacement surgery is the surgeons’ level of training. Doctors with more training and expertise in this area will bill more than those with less training. In this situation, you’ll need to be aware of the doctor’s credentials. Along with an MCH, a surgeon must also possess an MS in orthopaedics.

Competence of the Hospital

Another crucial element that has a big impact on the price of the knee replacement is the calibre of the facility. You wouldn’t risk having surgery on your knee in any facility since it includes surgery. In reality, due to their infrastructure and utilization of cutting-edge medical technology, hospitals with a good reputation will charge more. When picking a hospital, always look for accreditations like NABH and JCI for medical value travel. JCI is the gold standard certification in worldwide health care, whereas NABH is a constituent body whose accreditation acknowledges the growth of health care institutions in India.

The patient’s state of health

When planning the procedure, the patients’ present age and health are important factors. Most patients who have knee replacement surgery are older than 60. Therefore, while you and your doctor make plans for the knee replacement surgery. Your physical state will also affect how much it will cost. Patients that have high costs for surgery because they increase the difficulty of the procedure include those with hypertension, diabetes, and blood count issues.

Knee Replacement Type

The price of your knee replacement surgery will also vary depending on whether you need a full knee replacement or only a partial one (bilateral knee surgery).

Hotel Fees

The price of the room you will remain in following your surgery is also included in the hospital bill. The price of a single or deluxe room will be more than that of a shared room with three or more patients.

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