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Kedarkantha Trek Distance

Kedarkantha is a magnificent mountain in Uttarakhand’s Garhwal Himalayas that attracts hikers and nature enthusiasts alike. It is around 12,500 feet high. The Kedarkantha excursion is an amazing chance for visitors to thoroughly immerse themselves in the region’s rich wildlife and plants. Due to its remote beauty and challenging terrain, Kedarkantha has become a well-liked destination for trekkers searching for a chance to experience the grandeur of the Himalayas and engage with nature in its most unspoiled condition.

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Trek Distance:

The Kedarkantha journey covers a distance of around 20 kilometers in total, including the ascent and descent. According to variables including the route taken and the group’s pace, this distance is normally accomplished in four to six days. It’s significant to note that depending on the precise trail traveled and the current weather, the mileage may vary somewhat. The climb includes several picturesque locations, such as Juda Ka Talab, Kedarkantha Base Camp, and the summit itself, giving hikers breathtaking views of the neighboring Himalayan peaks.

Breakdown of trek:

Let’s break it down day by day to help you better comprehend the length of the walk and the mileage traveled each day:

Day 1: Dehradun to Sankri (200 kilometers, 8-9 hours by road)

Dehradun to Sankri, the starting point of the Kedarkantha trek, is the first day’s trip. Around 200 kilometers must be traveled, and it takes 8 to 9 hours to get to Sankri.

Day 2: Sankri to Juda Ka Talab (4 kilometers, 3-4 hours)

The actual walk begins on day two. It takes around 3 to 4 hours to go the 4 kilometers that are covered. The route gives vistas of the lovely Har Ki Dun Valley as it winds through tall trees.

Day 3: Juda Ka Talab to Kedarkantha Base Camp (3 kilometers, 2-3 hours)

It takes around two to three hours to hike the three kilometers from Juda Ka Talab to Kedarkantha Base Camp. As you progress higher up the route, it gets steeper and offers amazing vistas of the snow-capped peaks.

Day 4: Kedarkantha Base Camp to Kedarkantha Summit and Hargaon (7 kilometers, 7-8 hours)

The longest day of the walk requires traveling 7 kilometers, which usually takes 7 to 8 hours. Getting to the Kedarkantha Summit and then descending to Hargaon are included in this. Trekkers receive the reward of breathtaking panoramic views at the peak.

Day 5: Hargaon to Sankri (6 kilometers, 4-5 hours)

This day of the walk covers a distance of around 6 kilometers and takes 4 to 5 hours to complete. The route offers a tranquil and calm atmosphere as it descends through tall trees.

Day 6: Sankri to Dehradun

The last day comprises returning from Sankri to Dehradun, a journey that takes 8 to 9 hours and covers a distance of 200 kilometers.

Trek Duration and Factors Affecting it:

The length of the Kedarkantha walk might vary based on a number of variables, such as the trekkers’ degree of fitness, the surrounding environment, and their group’s speed. When you include in travel time to and from Dehradun, the journey typically takes 4 to 6 days to accomplish. It is crucial to note that the time frame is only an estimate, and it is advisable to speak with knowledgeable trip organizers or guides for the most precise information depending on the current circumstances.

Tips for a Successful Trek:

Here are some crucial suggestions to maximize your Kedarkantha adventure and guarantee a safe and pleasurable experience:

·         Work out in preparation for your journey to increase your endurance and stamina.

·         Pack the necessary trekking equipment, such as a sleeping bag, backpack, proper clothing, and hiking boots.

·         Bring enough water with you and remain hydrated the whole walk.

·         To protect your safety while on the journey, pay attention to your leader’s or guide’s instructions.

·         Properly acclimate to avoid altitude sickness and take the appropriate safety measures.

·         Uphold the ethics of responsible trekking and respect the environment.


The Kedarkantha trek offers a charming excursion through the captivating Garhwal Himalayan vistas. Effective planning and preparation depend on knowing the length and distance of the walk. The Kedarkantha trek offers an amazing trip packed with breathtaking landscapes and priceless memories over a distance of about 20 kilometers and a period of 4 to 6 days. So buckle up your boots, gather your belongings, and get ready for a breathtaking hiking adventure in the middle of nature. Wish you A happy trek!

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