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John Wick Will Face The Consequences Of His Actions In Chapter 4

Whether you are a fan of the hit movie John Wick or not, it’s impossible not to be a bit excited about the upcoming fourth chapter of the movie series. This is when we get to see the consequences of John Wick’s actions. It’s the first time we’ll get a look at the aftermath of the events in the previous chapters, and there are some surprisingly big revelations that come to light.

Master hitman

During the climax of “John Wick: Chapter 2” (February 2017), a bounty of $14 million was placed on the head of an assassin named John Wick. This bounty is put forth by a shadowy international guild. The powers that be are determined to ensure that John Wick dies.

In the film, the hitman tries to avenge himself by executing a man who sent thugs to murder him. He calls on a hired gun and a Moroccan frenemy to help him. But the hired gun is actually a sociopathic gold forger. He is forced to travel to Italy to fulfill a promise to a crime lord.

The John Wick franchise is not a direct adaptation of the Matrix movie, but rather a series of films that follow the legendary assassin. The first three films in the series, including “John Wick: Chapter 1,” have been well-received at the box office.

Reactionary not proactive

Throughout the three movies, John Wick has encountered a series of problems. His attempts to kill the director of the New York Continental are not successful. He is eventually banished from the hotel. The movie also deals with the consequences of John’s actions.

The film features a subtle transition between worlds. One minute, John is running away from a gunfight and the next, he’s being chased by a gang. There is a bit of supernatural ritual in the Terminator 3 as well. However, the film’s civilians are unobservant.

During the film, John develops a friendship with Abram Tarasov. Later, he recovers the car from Abram. This is only after the Russian gangster tries to purchase it at a gas station.

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Addiction to violence and death

Having retuned to the world of hitmen, John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is caught up in the violent world. He has to face the consequences of his actions. He may find himself addicted to violence and death.

The sequel, titled John Wick: Chapter Two, proves that Keanu Reeves is a more than just a talented action star. In fact, it shows that he’s one of the greatest modern action stars.

The second installment of the John Wick series continues to subvert conventions of the action genre. It also explores the theme of rules and consequences. The film is more cinematic and features better effects. The characters are more diverse, and the sequel is a more interesting movie.

The plot of the sequel sees Wick on the run from a shadowy community of killers known as the High Table. He’s forced to kill a Marquis de Gramont in a single combat. He must do it to escape.

Life after wife’s death

Despite the fact that John Wick’s wife is dead, he is still alive and doing his best to stay one step ahead of the Russian gangsters. He is a former assassin who left his old life behind and is now trying to live out his final days in relative peace.

In order to move forward, he will have to get over the loss of his wife. He will have to learn to love again. He will also have to move on to bigger and better things.

The best way to describe what happens next is to explain the events of the movie. First, a couple of Russian gangsters try to steal John’s car. Then, a group of them sneaks into his house.


Whether you’re an Assassin or not, it’s important to understand that John Wick will face the consequences of his actions in Chapter 4. After his wife Helen’s death, he came out of retirement to pursue a life that isn’t as deadly.

But when he’s caught in a battle, he finds himself at the mercy of a powerful criminal who doesn’t want to kill him. He also discovers that his bounty has been doubled by The High Table.

Despite his apparent success, Winston continues to hold a grudge against the Table. Eventually, he agrees to take part in a parley with the Adjudicator, but when the Adjudicator tells him that John is missing, he doesn’t hesitate to kill him.

As for the next chapter, Chad Stahelski confirmed that it will be “more complex” than the previous three films, and that it will include “more than a dozen interesting ways to have John suffer.” He didn’t say how long it would be, but it is expected to be longer than the first three films.

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