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Issuance of Digital Credentials in the Workplace

Today, the job market is much more cutthroat and competitive than ever. The path from education to employment is not as easy as it used to be. According to a recent study, 13% of educated youth are unemployed. While most youths might have completed their education, they have been unable to upskill themselves to secure an appropriate job. How may one acquire a job after having graduated, you may ask? A simple way to do that is by pursuing industry-specific training courses. Let’s take it one step further and ask, how do I showcase my job-relevant skills? By earning digital credentials!

Most graduates try to apply for suitable job roles with their transcripts alone, but that has proven to be outdated. Digital credentials, however, showcase your abilities through your skills. Moreover, it provides a short verifiable description of the knowledge you have gained. Let us look at how digital credentials are transforming workplaces and hiring processes.

How are Credentials Transforming Workplaces?

A commonly asked question is how digital credentials have benefitted or transformed the workplace. Let us look at a few ways it has changed workplace dynamics.

Employee Engagement

Ensuring employee engagement is the foremost benefit of issuing digital credentials. With the issuance of credentials, companies can imbibe a learning culture. This encourages employees to gain knowledge relevant to their job role and keeps them motivated and engaged. Moreover, it will also create a culture of recognition in the workplace. Employees can showcase and share the skills and knowledge acquired through their credentials.

Employee Retention

Another benefit of issuing digital credentials is an increase in employee retention rate. When companies invest in a culture of recognition, employees feel valued and encouraged. This further increases their productivity and engagement, leading to immense satisfaction rates. If employees are satisfied, they are more likely to continue their current job roles.

Continued Learning

Companies cultivate an environment of continuous learning with the issuance of credentials. Most employees quit due to stagnant job roles that lack learning opportunities. With credentials, you can offer endless learning opportunities that will ultimately help them grow within the company. Moreover, continuous learning is essential for not only professional growth but also for the employees’ personal growth. Issuing digital credentials can help your employees learn beyond the workspace and showcase their credentials as proof of their learning.

Boosts Brand Visibility

Lastly, an upside of issuing digital credentials is instant verification and sharing on multiple platforms. After earning a credential, you can share it on numerous social media channels. The social sharing of these credentials will help boost the company’s and your profile. Additionally, your credentials can help you connect with various stakeholders within the industry and strengthen your company’s and your presence within a specific sector.

We have given you a brief overview of how digital credentials bridge the gap between employees and employers and transform workplaces. Now that you know the benefits of earning and issuing them, add it on your agenda for the next company meeting!

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