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Is Upgrading To Youtube Premium Worth It?

Youtube is a versatile platform with different types of content available on it, whether music, educational, tutorial or even web series with both visual and audio content which is free to watch tv.youtube tv/start but upgrading to premium is worth it. 

So here are some of the exclusive features that you’ll receive when you upgrade to youtube premium. 

AD-FREE streaming 

As soon as you upgrade to youtube premium you would be able to watch your favorite content without worrying about those boring Ads!

Background play 

Sometimes it’s really annoying when you are listening to some music from youtube on your mobile but the music shuts off as soon as you open another app don’t worry as by buying youtube premium Background play feature would be unlocked and your would be able to enjoy your dose of different content simultaneously. 

Youtube Music 

Youtube  premium  also gives you access to youtube premium which basically allows the user to stream your favorite music and download it to your mobile and give the ability to jam your favorite music  offline

Without  worrying about your screen being locked while you are streaming your favorite music  as it would not be interrupted

What Disney originals can I stream?

Disney originals are some of the excellent series and movies which are available on Disneyplus.com/begin which is Disney’s own OTT platform that shows Disney’s original content and web series and many more. There are some of the most well-written and framed originals that would be excellent for stream.

#1 The Mandalorian 

The Mandalorian is an adventure story written in a western space manner that takes place in the universe of star wars which already has a huge fan base. This story tells you about a bounty hunter who is on an adventure of obtaining and protecting the young prodigy, the baby Yoda.

#2 The falcon and the winter soldier

The falcon and the winter soldier is a marvel cinematic universe-based series that follows the events of the avenger’s end game this story covers the life of sam Wilson and bucky Barnes who are trying to bring peace and order in the new world.

#3 Big shot

 The Big Shot is a comedic sports series about a basketball coach who gets fired from his college gig and is forced to take a position at an all-girls high school. the whole series is a roller coaster that includes breathtaking sarcasm and humor which will leave you crying out for laughter.

#4 high school musical: the Musical

The high school musical is a fun musical story that follows a group of east high school teens who are auditioning for the high school production of the high school musical.

#5 moon knight

Moon knight is a marvel comic-based series that covers the story of Marc Spector and Steven grant who are two alter-egos of a man with dissociative identity disorder as they both experience some of the mysterious powers of the Egyptian gods. The series is full of adventures and it follows a very addictive storyline with some unexpected turns.

#6 Sparkshorts

Sparkshorts are very small budget-based animated shorts that are very heartwarming with some of the most innovative stories and creative stories that are created in a short period of time which can make you cry at the end of it.

#7 Wandavision 

Wandavision is another marvel cinematic universe-based series that follows the life of Wanda after the events of the avenger’s endgame where Wanda uses her newly founded abilities to create a reality where she and her lover vision can live together happily in her own perfect reality without being a threat to the world.

#8 Soul

Soul is one of the most underrated animated movies produced by Disney Pixar.

The soul film is an emotional roller coaster that will leave you in great thought. The story revolves around Joe Gardner who dreams of playing jazz professionally but was not fulfilled because his life was cut short just before his big break which sets him on a journey to find his purpose in his afterlife. The story may make you cry with this message and heartwarming content.

#9 Black Beauty

Black beauty is an adaptation of Anna Sewell’s novel Black Beauty which gives a very strong message to the viewers and follows the lovely storyline of the novel.

#10 Loki 

Loki is another MCU-based series that explores the outcomes of Loki when he ran away using the space stone shown in the avenger’s end game where he explores the untold depths of the multiverse with his other variants.Read More –  starplus.com/begin to complete the activation process.

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