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Is the 2D Logo Design Trend Fading Away?

We all know how the logo is a necessity for any business. Primarily, it lets people recognize a brand. However, how you present something is more important than what you present. The same goes for logo design. Logos were generally 2D designs, but over the years, people have started to explore them more. Thus, 3D logo design came into being.

Most web designers Australia believe the trend of 2D logo designs has started to fade away. Thus, they started to design unique logos in another format even before the trend took over. We believe there is no doubt about it. So let’s dig deeper into 2D logo designs. Moreover, this article will help you understand why 2D logo designs are no more a trend and what trends you must focus on.  

Types of Logos:

There are many types in which a logo classified. The famous ones are either 2D or 3D logo designs.

2D Logo Designs:

2D (two-dimension) logos are minimalistic and versatile logo designs. Logo designers use width and height to create a flat symbol. People started to use logos back in 1300 AD. However, in the year 1900, modern logo design came into being. Since then, people have been using 2D logo designs. Moreover, in the past years, many companies have adapted 2D logo designs. They believe it creates an iconic brand identity.

3D Logo Designs:

3D (three-dimension) logos are appealing and are good at engaging anyone who sees it. The 3D logos are leveled. Moreover, the designers use width, height, and length to create one. The 3D logos were favored in 1997 and have risen since then. However, in the year, 2013 2D logos were more popular, but people started to prefer 3D logos in recent times. As you hopefully know, trends and standards keep on changing. As a result, as of 2022, people have started to like 3D logos. They believe it is more pleasing and add more depth than a 2D logo design.

There can be no debate about a 3D logo being better than a 2D logo or vice versa. Both the 2D logos and the 3D logos have their own importance. However, as you already know, the prime purpose of a logo is to represent a brand and reflect its values. No matter what type you choose, a good logo will do its job correctly.

However, you can debate which logo type is more aesthetic and pleasing. As of 2022, people like 2D logo designs and 3d logo designs as well. In this particular year, we cannot say everyone uses a 3D logo for their brand’s representation or vice versa. However, to be fair, a 3D logo design is favored these days. The changing trends have made it clear that 3D logos will take over in the upcoming years. Ultimately the 2D logo designs will fade away.

In our opinion, a 3D logo design is better than a 2D logo design in the year this year and the years after it. However, we would like to present the public and the designer’s opinions on the type of logo they prefer.

Point of View of a Logo Designer:

According to our research, logo designers in 2022 prefer to make 3D logo designs. They believe a 3D logo gives more perspective, rendering, and camera location options. Moreover, a 3D logo gives better choices to edit.  

The 3D logo designs are also scalable, so when the customer is satisfied with the design, it is easier to make it larger or smaller without messing its pixels up.

Furthermore, a 3D logo has better depth and texture. This factor makes it look appealing. Thus, their targetted audience likes it better. Moreover, the designers say they can give a logo round edges, square edges, or shape it in whatever way they like. It won’t affect the aesthetics of their logo. 

Apart from this, one thing that most designers agree on is that their audience tends to like 3D logos better. They believe once they have started to design 3D logos, their work is considered top-notch, and they have increased their number of clients. Thus, they prefer using 3D logo designs over 2D logo designs. 

Point of View of a Brand Owner:

As from the previous paragraph, you already know what people prefer. However, focusing on brand owners has made us realize that they have different opinions. It looks like some of them like 3D logo designs, and others prefer 2D logos for their brands. 

Those who prefer a 2D logo designs for their brand saw that it represents their brand better. To understand, you can say that a 2D logo illustrates a better brand image. Moreover, it works fine with making a strong impression on the target audience. However, many people are not yet ready to accept the change in logo design. As a result, they do not want to update their logo just now. This is one of the reasons they prefer 2D logo designs over 3D logo designs.

People who prefer to use 3D logos to represent their brands believe they are more aesthetic and catchy. However, many people have realized this change in the trend of logo designs, and they know their audience expects them to stay up-to-date with the trends. Thus, they hopped to change their logo from a 2D illustration to a 3D graphic image. Moreover, people believe that animation is a better way to portray themselves. As a result, they think that a 3D logo design will represent their brand better.

What Logo Type Should You Prefer?

If we talk about the trends, 3D logos are surely winning. If you want to stay up-to-date, the 3D logo design is a better option for you. However, if you manage to portray a good image of your brand using a 2D logo, that will work too. 

However, adopting a logo means you cannot change it now and then. Thus, you will have to stick will it for at least 10 years. We suggest you use a 3D logo design to represent your brand. It is trendy, can portray your brand from a broader perspective, and, most importantly, your audience likes it.

Moreover, the experts say in a few years, the 2D logo design will fade completely. As a result, everyone will have to improvise their logo to a 3D design. Thus, in our opinion, it is better if you start looking at your options today.


Just like before, once again, 3D logo designs are back. They are becoming popular day by day. The reason for their popularity could be the animation aspect. As you hopefully already know, animation has become a major part of our lives. Thus, people have started to choose 3D logo designs over 2D logos.

 However, 2D logo designs have started to fade, and in a couple of years, they will be seen elsewhere. Those among you who prefer 2D designs must know that trends keep changing. There will come a time when 2D logo designs will be back. 

But for now, the public demands a 3D logo. However, if you fail to please your audience, you might lose them. As a result, you will put your business in jeopardy. For those who cannot decide between 2D or 3D logo designs, we suggest you opt for 3D designs as they have a future ahead. However, in case you need more help, hire a professional.

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