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Is Real Raw News a Hoax?

Former Vice President Mike Pence has been on the run for months, seeking asylum in Qatar. He was shot in the chest. Chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci has not received the COVID-19 vaccine. Dozens of public figures are being held captive by the military. Hunter Biden was hanged. Former Attorney General William Barr was sent to the guillotine and shot. All of these actions should have us alarmed.

Michael Baxter

Since the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, the fabled “Pants on Fire” has been receiving a lot of attention. According to Zignal, a website that tracks Internet mentions, the false story has been shared nearly 20,000 times. This has led many to question whether it is real or not.

Michael Baxter, a website creator, has been accused of lying in a number of ways. One story on his website claimed that Bill Clinton was poisoned. The story was debunked by Reuters, but gained hundreds of likes within a few days.

Michael Tuffin

Unlike the majority of other misinformation websites, real raw news publishes far-fetched hoaxes. Tuffin’s “trust nobody but me” style of writing and the extreme nature of his false claims are troubling to many misinformation experts. Tuffin also often runs multiple stories on a given hoax.

Tuffin’s website bills itself as an independent publisher focusing on content not covered by mainstream media. Since the site’s inception in late December, it has published more than 150 articles. Its articles, which are frequently satirical, often rack up thousands of social media engagements. While the site has been critical of mainstream media, it has not been immune to criticism.

Pants on Fire

A disclaimer at the Real Raw News website warns that the site contains “humor,” but the author insists that his content is “legitimate.” Some of his stories are republished by other websites, and he does not mention that he did not receive the COVID-19 vaccine. A report by Zignal shows that the article was shared nearly 20,000 times on Twitter.

The website claims to be an independent publisher covering content that mainstream media often ignores. To date, it has published over 150 articles. Most of these are news stories that spin the narrative about military arrests and executions. They routinely attract thousands of social media engagements and are published in multiple installments.


Real Raw News is a website that claims to be an independent news publisher that covers topics largely ignored by the mainstream media. Since its founding in December 2020, Real Raw News has published over 150 articles. Many of these articles have made controversial claims, such as the Air Force pilot resignation story that was spread falsely. They often received thousands of social media engagements, according to BuzzSumo, an audience metrics website.

In the past few months, the website has received more than a million views on Facebook. Its stories are published under the pseudonym Michael Baxter, although the website disclaims them as satire. Michael Baxter, the author of Real Raw News, has been linked to various other controversial online media outlets. Although he disclaims his stories as satire, he has repeatedly insisted that his stories are based on actual events.


Typosquatting – also known as URL hijacking – is a common practice where a scammer poses as a premium publisher in order to obtain sensitive information from users. These tricks are also used by malicious actors to spread disinformation and download malware. These sites often appear to be news sites, which may lead to a user clicking on a link that spreads misinformation.

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