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Is a Hair Transplant in Dubai Right for You?

Many people look at celebrities with their perfect hair and wish that they too could have great hair, but they don’t have the time or money to get the look they desire. However, there are options such as a hair transplant in Dubai that allow people to still have perfect hair without sacrificing everything else in their lives. If you would like to learn more about this amazing procedure, please continue reading this article to gain more information about what it entails, who it might be right for, and how much it costs.

What is Hair Replacement Surgery

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that removes hair from one area of your scalp, called the donor site, and transfers it to an area of thinning or balding the recipient site. The surgery may be done one of two ways: either by strip excision, which removes individual follicular units; or by follicular unit extraction (FUE), which transplants hair using small punches. Hair transplants are used to treat male- and female-pattern baldness as well as scarring alopecia, among other conditions. In Dubai Alborj Hair Clinic has treated patients from more than 60 countries and performed over 100 successful procedures since its founding.

Benefits of the Hair Replacement Surgery Procedure

One of the major benefits of hair replacement surgery is that it’s considered non-invasive. The procedure does not require any surgical cuts or incisions to be made, as would be required by other procedures. The Alborj Hair Clinic is able to work with hair follicles from your own body and use them to create new hairs at different areas where you’re experiencing thinning or loss of hair. Since there are no incisions involved, recovery time is fast, with patients generally being able to resume their normal activities within days. Before having your procedure at one of our hair clinics in Dubai, we will provide an overview of all possible side effects and risks, along with steps you can take to minimize these risks before and after surgery.

The Factors That Affect the Cost

When you hear about hair transplant costs, you may wonder what affects them. Is it really possible to get a hair transplant in dubai for as little as one thousand dollars, or is that just an inflated price because of advertising? At Alborj Hair Clinic, we want to be transparent with our clients and let them know exactly how they can save money on their procedure. Below are just some of our tips and tricks when it comes to lowering your overall cost

Other factors to consider when looking for a good clinic in Dubai

There’s no shortage of clinics offering hair transplants in Dubai. But what factors should you consider when selecting one over another? First and foremost, it helps to look at price: after all, how much can you afford to spend on surgery that isn’t strictly necessary. There are varying quality levels among clinics in Dubai—just like there are varying costs. To make an informed choice, pay close attention to word-of-mouth from past clients as well as online reviews. Finally, be sure to ask your doctor about their experience with hair transplantation. If they haven’t performed many procedures or don’t have a lot of experience with your particular issue (such as pattern baldness), you may want to seek out someone else.

Check Out Before & After Pictures From Previous Clients

Before you sign up to have surgery, it’s important that you see how other patients look after their procedures. Check out their results and photos on sites like Instagram and Pinterest. It’s also wise to ask your doctor for before-and-after photos from previous patients—or even better, check out his or her office prior to making your decision! Once you’ve seen these results, it should help you decide if you want to go through with surgery or not.

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