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Iraq raises its holdings of US bonds by more than 600 million dollars

The Treasury said in its most recent table, seen by Shafak News Agency, that “Iraq’s possession of US Treasury bonds for the month of February of 2022 raised by 661 million dollars, or 2.82%, to reach 24.086 billion dollars, after it was 23.086 billion dollars in December. The second last,” noting that “these bonds additionally increased from the same month of in 2015 2021, when Iraq’s belongings of bonds totaled up to 16.2 billion dollars.” dinar intel

She added that “Iraqi bonds, consisting of lasting assurances totaling up to 10,260 billion bucks and short-term guarantees amounting to 13.826 billion dollars,” keeping in mind that “these bonds represent 0.3% of the world’s bonds.”

In the Arab globe, Saudi Arabia goes to the forefront of one of the most having nations and also has raised its holdings to reach $116,722 billion, Kuwait comes 2nd with $50,571 billion, the UAE comes third with 46,299, after that Iraq is fourth, Oman is fifth, with $5.338 billion, after that Morocco is $3.720 billion. intel dinar

She explained that “the biggest owner of US bonds is Japan, with a value of 1,306,292 trillion bucks, adhered to by China, with 1,054,815 trillion bucks, followed by the United Kingdom, with 625,240 billion bucks, and Ireland, with 314,848 billion bucks.” dinar chronicles intel

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